Top 9 Navratri Celebration Ideas in the Workplace

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Navratri Celebration Ideas
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This Navratri, are you planning something different? Rangoli-making competition or Dandiya competition is common nowadays. Here are some new and trending ideas that can enhance the festive mood during the nine days of Navratri.


Let’s discuss the top nine ideas for Navratri Celebrations at the Workplace.


Top 9 Navaratri Celebration Ideas at Workplace

Celebrating Navratri in the same way every year can be boring for employees. Though freshers can get excited, long-term employees may take leave to avoid participating in the festivities.


Planning for some unique ideas can foster a sense of harmony, boost employee morale and promote diversity. Here, we are sharing some unique celebration ideas at the workplace.

  • Cubicle decoration with Navratri colours
  • Pot luck (sweet dish) – per department per day
  • Navratri Musical Chair
  • Antakshari Navratri Song
  • Arranging Navratri Art Gallery
  • Dandiya Design Competition
  • Garba Night
  • Photo Contest
  • Talent Show


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1. Cubicle Decoration with Navratri Colours

Cubicle decoration ideas with the Navratri colours can be outstanding ideas during nine days. Nine specific colours symbolise Navratri every year. Employees generally wear those coloured dresses during the festival. But how about the plan if you are thinking of decorating the cubicle with Navratri colours this time?


Instead of Navratri-coloured dressing up, you can arrange a competition and nominate every cubicle with any of a Navratri colour. It would be amazing and exciting for the employees as they can decorate the cubicle with different colours and various themes throughout the Navratri week.


This idea allows individuals to express their creativity and enthusiasm for the festival while fostering a sense of unity and celebration throughout the workspace, making each cubicle a unique and colourful part of the Navratri festivities.


2. Pot Luck – Per Department Per Day

In a workplace, you may have employees of different states or religions. It will be an outstanding idea if you arrange a potluck each day of Navratri for each department. If your organization has more than nine departments, you can plan for multiple groups on a single day.


What is Pot luck? A potluck is a social gathering or meal where each employee contributes a dish to share with the group. It’s a collaborative dining experience where everyone brings a homemade dish, and these foods collectively form the menu for the event.


It can be an inclusive way of bringing employees together over a shared meal. It must be fun and exciting for them to share their favourite regional recipes with others.


If your organization has multiple departments and you are confused about arranging a potluck, you can think about a fun competition by nominating the departments with Navratri- coloured potluck dishes.


3. Navratri Musical Chair

Arranging the classic musical chair for the employees can be one of the best options to celebrate the Navratri. During the nine days, you can plan for a musical chair evening on any weekend where you can add the traditional twist to the classic game.


Before planning the game, arranging some Navratri music and traditional folk tunes during the game adds to the festive atmosphere and encourages employees to participate actively in the celebration. There are employees of different religions and places. If you have a varied song collection, that would be more effective.


This activity can help colleagues bond, enjoy the rhythm of Navratri music, and experience the joy of competition while celebrating the festive spirit in a light-hearted manner. You can get proper employee engagement from the festival.


4. Antakshari Navratri Song

In between daily work schedules, planning for the Antakshari Navratri song game can be a wonderful idea for celebrating Navratri. Often, due to work pressure, employees can’t attend cultural events or are denied to participate in cultural events.


But events like organizing an Antakshari Navratri song game take a maximum of 1 hour to celebrate. It is less time-consuming and allows employees to come together, enjoy the festive music, and engage in a friendly competition while celebrating the festive spirit.


A group antakshari can also promote teamwork and camaraderie among colleagues. Antakshari is a popular Indian musical game that can be adapted to incorporate Navratri songs, making it a fun way to infuse the workplace with the festive spirit.


5. Arranging Navratri Art Gallery

Arranging Navratri Art Gallery at the office premises is barely common yet a bit unique. In your organization, if your employees have excellence in mythology and are skilled in various art formations, you can plan for the Navratri Spatial Art Gallery.


It can be an opportunity for those employees to showcase their creativity by creating Navratri-themed artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, or even traditional crafts like Madhubani or Warli art.


You can create a Rangoli-making competition by combining it with Navratri colours and themes of each day. Arranging the Navratri Art Gallery is a smooth way to celebrate the festival, and it encourages artistic expression, diversity, and appreciation of different art forms among colleagues.


6. Dandiya Design Competition

The Dandiya Design Competition can be a fun and engaging way to celebrate Navratri, where you can plan for designing dandiya. Employees can participate in designing their dandiya sticks with traditional and creative elements before the dandiya night at the office premises.


Arranging a fun competition encourages the artistic expression of employees. Colleagues come together to support and judge the designs. Awarding winners and participants brings another level of excitement to employees’ minds.


Besides work, they love celebrating the cultural significance of dandiya and Garba dances during Navratri. It is a unique way to infuse the workplace with the festive spirit. This type of celebration promotes teamwork and creativity among employees during Navratri celebrations.


7. Garba Night

Who doesn’t love a Garba Night? Even employees have been waiting for it. It will be an outstanding plan indeed during Navratri. Dandiya and Garba is a famous dance form in Gujrat during celebrating Navratri.


You can arrange a dandiya event for employees or plan for some dandiya competition within departments. It’s a lively and interactive way to celebrate the festival, promote team bonding, and create lasting memories among colleagues. Serving refreshments during the Dandiya Night celebration will also help sweeten the evening.


8. Amazing Contest Ideas

You can arrange a fun photo contest during the Navratri days. During Navratri, employees come office wearing Navratri-colored clothes. It will be an amazing idea if you arrange a photo contest and inform the employees by submitting their best photographs capturing the essence of Navratri celebrations.


Moreover, you can plan to arrange a contest of colourful decorative cubicles, traditional attire, dances like Garba and Dandiya, and festive moments. The contest encourages creativity and provides a platform for employees to share their perspectives on the festival.


Planning for the contest is a modern and visually appealing way to celebrate Navratri while involving employees and showcasing their talents and appreciation for the festival’s beauty and culture. Prizes can be awarded to the winners, adding a competitive and rewarding aspect to the celebration.


9. Talent Show

Arranging a talent show can be a great way to have fun with the employees. It would be taking them away from day-to-day responsibilities during these days. A Navratri-themed talent show provides an opportunity to showcase their excellence and skill in singing, dancing, or playing musical instruments in line with the festive spirit.


It would be amazing if you arranged a grand garba or dandiya night as a fun Friday. A talent show encourages employee participation. They can celebrate the rich traditions and artistic expressions associated with Navratri. It can be an entertaining and culturally enriching way to bring colleagues together and celebrate the festival’s vibrancy and diversity.


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The countdown has already started. It is only a few days for celebration. If you are repeating the tried and tested ideas again, it can affect your brand reputation. It can also hamper employee engagement. So, modify your plans by including some exciting ideas from the ones we explored above.

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