12 Creative Joining Kit Ideas to Welcome New Employees

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Joining Kit for New Employees
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Employees, who are engaged daily with their job, play a crucial role in engagement to company productivity, overall satisfaction and experience. Employee engagement improves work culture, minimises turnover, and builds a good employee/employers relationship.


It is a quite fair idea to gift some unique joining kits to the new employees for the betterment of employee engagement. Additionally exciting employee onboarding kit reflects the good ethics of the company worldwide. It confirms the onboarding is done right.


In this blog, we are planning to aggregate 25 unique joining kit ideas for gifting new employees at the time of onboarding.


What is the Importance of Providing an Employee Welcome Kit at Onboarding Time?

A warm welcome and pleasant greetings enhance the gesture of employee onboarding. They must love to see a small welcome kit at the side of his office desk as a fun introduction session.


That results in long-term benefits for both the employee and the organisation. Here are the listed importance of organising the employee welcome kits for new employees welcome.


➔ Employees Feel Welcome Into the Team

Gifting a new employee welcome kit allows them to feel relaxed on their first day. Unexpected welcome packages allow your new employee to settle into the new atmosphere smoothly, even if they are doing remote work.


➔ Employees Settle Into a New Culture

Your culture is reflected in the items you include in your welcome package, as well as the look and feel of the package itself. When your new hire sees their welcome package, they should gain an immediate sense of what your company’s brand is, what they stand for, and what kind of company culture they’re joining.


➔ Employees Have a Smoother Culture

Every new always thinks about new learning. With an outstanding employee package along with a fun introduction lesson, the employee can get to know about the office map, login list, or FAQs before even they ask the organisation. Overall, employees get energetic to do work within a smoother work culture.


➔ Employees Have the Productive Mindset

Welcome packages give employees a comfortable work atmosphere so that employees stay in the company for a long with a productive mindset. Along with the new employee welcome kit, it is also essential to schedule meetings to talk to them about their expertise in the field and work target, etc. The organisation should also note what they’ll be doing after they’re done exploring their welcome package.


➔ Improvised Employee Retention Rate

A new hire always tries to maintain a good impression in the office. Whereas it is important to maintain a feasible atmosphere. The welcome package gives a chance to ease the employee into the new work culture. As this leads to a high retention rate and increased company productivity.


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12 Unique Ideas for Welcome Kit for New Employees in India

  1. Tech Accessories
  2. Wellness Hamper Kit
  3. Safety Essential
  4. Office Desk Hamper
  5. Home-Office Paradise Box
  6. Gift Cards Kit
  7. Personalized Welcome Video
  8. Welcome Lunch
  9. Sweet Welcome Kit
  10. Mental Wealth Pack
  11. Social Media Shout Out
  12. Course Package Kit


Let’s go with the details of the employee welcome kit.


1. Tech Accessories

Gifting tech accessories is one of the best ideas as an employee welcome kit. Appropriate tech accessories make the employee’s job easier as well. Often organisations face challenges at the time of choosing budget-friendly right accessories for their employees. We are listing down some unique budget-friendly items below.

  • MousePad
  • Laptop Holder
  • Pendrive
  • Wireless Headphone
  • Disc Charger
  • Stylus
  • USB Drive


Employees must love them. And this kind of welcome kit for new employees will help you in the betterment of employee engagement and maintaining the company’s reputation and goodwill. The new employee onboarding becomes more easier and exciting by gifting the tech accessories to your new hires.


2. Wellness Hamper

The wellness hamper is another employee welcome kit that everyone must love it. You can segregate the wellness hampers into the following categories


Refresh & Renew Hamper

Refresh and Renew hampers include some refreshing deodorants or scented candles or a flavoured green tea hamper, Essential oils and diffusers which can be a welcome kit for new employees etc.


Energize & Revitalize Hamper

Energize ad revitalize hampers includes a packet of coffee beans, or some energy drink kit gift hamper, Meditation cushions or mindfulness cards, Herbal teas and infusions. It can be an outstanding joining kit for new employees


Mind & Body Boost Hamper

Mind and Body Boost Hampers include Massager or acupressure kit, Bath bombs and natural soaps, a Yoga mat and/or resistance bands, and more. It can rejuvenate the first day new employees, they get excited at the time of onboarding


Serenity & Relaxation Hamper

Serenity and relaxation hamper includes Natural body care products, Herbal tea kits or a one-month free subscription to relaxing music apps, blank journals, etc. It can also be an amazing welcome kit for new employees.


But it is essential to know the gender of the employees so you can gift the employee welcome kit properly. As often the choice differ between men and women.


Choose a name that best reflects the theme and purpose of the hamper and one that will resonate with your employees as well.


Team Introduction Box

The team introduction box is really an out-of-box idea for the new employee welcome. You can organize a box with the company t-shirt, and cap with the attached company logo, and a water bottle for new employees. With these, a welcome card can be an additional attraction for new employees.


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3. Safety Essential

Safety essentials are important items that can help keep employees safe and healthy in the workplace. It is a good and positive idea for the employee welcome kits. Here are some suggestions for what could be included in a safety essentials employee welcome gift:


Face Masks

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, face masks are an essential item to help prevent the spread of the virus.


Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser can help kill germs and bacteria and is particularly important for employees who work in a high-contact environment.


Protective Glasses

If your employees would have to sit before their laptops for hours, you can provide protective glasses to avoid UV rays. So that the safety glasses can help protect employees’ eyes.


Computer Screen Protectors

Blue light screen protectors can help protect employees’ eyes from the harmful blue light that computer screens emit. This can help prevent eye strain and headaches, particularly for employees who spend long hours in front of a computer.


Adjustable Standing Desk

An adjustable standing desk can help employees maintain good posture and prevent back pain that can result from sitting in one position for too long.


4. Office Desk Hamper Kit

Gifting Office DeskHamper is a budget-friendly employee welcome kit types that must make your new employees more engaged.


Office desk hamper includes desk plants or some simple small showpieces. You can gift your company mascot mini-model to the new employees. A proper office desk hamper can be a stress reliever and impart a positive vibe and brighten up the empty office desk.


Name of the items you can gift as welcome kits to employees.


Executive Desk Hampers Kit

luxury pen, a leather-bound notebook, a business card holder, and a desk clock.


Desk Organiser Hampers Kit

Desk caddy, a letter tray, a document holder, and other similar items.


Energic Enhancer Hampers Kit

A bag of premium coffee beans and some healthy snacks such as energy bars or nuts.


Tech Desk Hampers Kit

Wireless charging pad, a USB hub, a phone stand, and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.


Eco-Friendly Desk Hampers Kit

A reusable water bottle, a bamboo desk organiser, and a set of recycled paper notebooks and pens. These are just a few examples of possible names for an office desk hamper, and the contents and names can be customized based on the preferences and needs of the recipients.


5. Home-office Paradise Box Kit

After the pandemic, Hybrid workspace is the new trend. Employees have loved to do work from home recently. Home-Office Paradise box is one the best way to gift a welcome kit for new employees.


It is important to gift something that must be related to work-life balance. What kind of gift hampers can be suitable for your company as an employee welcome kit?


Here is the list of gift hampers you can arrange for the new employees.

  • Virtual Team Building Activities
  • Coffee or Tea Gift Set
  • Home Office Essential
  • Personalised Notepad or Pen
  • Virtual Onboarding Kit


Virtual Team-building Activity

A gift of virtual team-building activity such as a virtual escape room, online trivia game, or virtual cooking class can help new employees get to know their colleagues and feel more connected to the company.


Coffee or Tea Gift Set

An employee welcome kit set that includes high-quality coffee or tea, a mug, and some snacks can be a simple but thoughtful way to welcome the new employee to the company.


Home-office Essentials

A package of essential office supplies such as a laptop stand, a wireless mouse and keyboard, a webcam, and a desk lamp can help the new employee set up a comfortable and efficient work environment.


Personalized Notepad and Pen

A personalized notepad and pen can be a thoughtful kit for new employees. They can use it to jot down their ideas and stay organized.


Virtual Onboarding Kit

An employee welcome kit for new employees that includes all the necessary information and resources to get started, such as company policies, procedures, and a welcome video from the CEO can help the new employee feel more confident and prepared for their new role.


6. Gift Cards

Some essential gift cards like any type of shopping card or credit card(optional) can be a good option for gifting as a welcome kit for new employees. Gift cards can be categorised into various sections likewise.


Visa or Master Card

Visa or Master cards allow employees to purchase anytime or anywhere they want.


Shopping Cards

Shopping Cards refer to buying numerous items like any kind of tech gadget or electronic gadgets, clothes and refreshments, furniture, home and decor items etc.


Restaurant Card

A restaurant card is a great employee welcome kit idea that can be a great way to encourage the new employee to take a break from work and enjoy a meal.


Choosing a gift card company is essential by considering factors offers like the type of gift cards offered, the ease of use, and the fees associated with the gift cards.


Some companies may also offer discounts for bulk orders, so it’s worth comparing different options to find the best fit for your company and the new employee.


7. Personalized Welcome Video

Though gifting any kind of item is a nice idea but personalized welcome video can be a mesmerised welcome kit for new employees. Every employee must love a personalized welcome video by introducing exiting employees with specified domain specialization.


With the welcome video, if the organization gifts a customised company t-shirt or cap to their employees, it will be a great welcome kit option. Organizations can plan for gifting the welcome kit for remote hiring.


8. Welcome Lunch

A warm introduction of existing employees with the new employee through a welcome lunch can be a great idea gifting a welcome kit for new employees. A new employee can settle into the new atmosphere.


Here are some benefits of having a grand welcome lunch with your new employee. Organisations can improve team-building activities through this as well.


Encourages Socialization

A welcome lunch provides an opportunity for new employees to know their colleagues in a casual setting outside of work. This can help the new employee to settle in and promote socialization, which can improve workplace morale and productivity.


Builds Relationships

Building relationship is an important aspect of any workplace. It improves employee engagement. Welcome Lunch is the finest option for establishing connections with their colleagues and building rapport. This can lead to better collaboration and teamwork in the future.


Reduces Anxiety

New employees stay nervous on the first day of the new work atmosphere. A warm welcome with lunch and a friendly introduction to the workplace curbs the stress and eases the anxiety of new hires.


Demonstrates Company Culture

A welcome lunch can be a good place to demonstrate the company culture and values to the new employees. This can help the new employees to better understand the work culture and gel well with other co-workers.


Boosts Retention

Research has shown that employees who feel welcome and included in their new workplace are more likely to stay with the company long-term. A welcome lunch can help to create a positive first impression and foster a sense of belonging, which can lead to higher retention rates.


9. Sweet Employee Welcome Kit

Gifting a box of tasty snacks can be a good start to creating a bond with the new employees. Gifting something sweet and delicious food provides them energy during their orientation periods and the first couple of days of their new job.


Examples of some employee welcome kit items

  • A box of Sweet
  • A box of dry fruits
  • A box of chocolates
  • A box of flavoured coffee beans


10. Mental Wealth Pack

A new employee must be tensed and confused, adjusting to the new work culture at least for the first month. Moreover, there must have some work stress later on.


So Mental wealth pack can definitely be a fair option as an employee welcome kit for new employee welcome. What type of item you can gift the new employees at the time of employee onboarding?


Aromatherapy Candle or Essential Oil

A scented candle or essential oil reduces the anxiety or stress of the new employees.


Stress Ball

Stress Balls provide physical relief for certain outcomes of stress and anxiety. Squzing the stress ball is a useful tool for improving focus and concentration at work.


Water Bottle

Gifting a water bottle or a thermo flux is definitely very common but useful employee welcome kits, you can customize them by printing your company logo which not only makes the bottle unique for them but also can promote your company branding.


Healthy Snacks

Gifting healthy snacks like dark chocolates, nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars can provide a healthy and nutritious energy boost throughout the day.


11. Social Media Shout

A cordial welcome to your new employees by introducing them on social media as a part of the team can be a genuine welcome kit for the new hire. What kind of benefits do the employees and the organization get through the social media shout-out?



Your employee becomes happy when you introduce him to his current position over the Internet. It not only helps to improve his identity over social media site but also assist you improve your brand identity.


Brand Awareness

The social media appearance of your employees provides a better opportunity of understanding of company’s culture, values, brand identity, etc. It may help the employee bring betterment to the company’s mission and goals.


Employee Engagement

Engaging the employee on company social media leads to employee satisfaction and engagement. When they feel more engaged and connected to their colleagues, it almost leads to motivation towards work and company productivity.


12. Course Package

Course packages can be a great addition to an employee welcome kit in India. Here are a few reasons why:


Skill Development

Employees always be impressed, if the organization arrange courses to develop new skills in their own roles. As it helps them to feel more confident in their abilities and better equipped to tackle their responsibilities.


Professional Growth

Providing relevant causes to the new employees makes it easier to align with their career goals. Employees feel satisfied when the organisation are invested in their professional growth and development. It can help increase employee retention and loyalty.


Onboarding Efficiency

Including courses as part of the onboarding process can help new employees get up to speed more quickly. This can reduce the amount of time it takes for them to become fully productive in their role.



Providing kit as employee training course offering employees the flexibility to learn to settle in the new work atmosphere. It can help accommodate different learning styles and preferences.


When selecting courses to include in the welcome kit, it’s important to consider the needs and interests of the employees. Courses should be relevant to their role and provide practical, actionable information that they can apply to their work.


It’s also important to provide employees with support and resources to help them succeed in the courses, such as access to mentors or subject matter experts.


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An employee welcome kit become a trend nowadays. The kit includes a variety of items such as a welcome letter, company culture information, employee handbook, benefits information, company swag, and a course package.


By providing new employees with a welcome kit, employers can help set the tone for a positive onboarding experience and improve employee engagement and retention.


The specific items included in the welcome kit may vary based on the needs of the company and the individual employee, but the overall goal is to make the new employee feel supported and valued from the very beginning of their employment.


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