Top 6 Best Employee Health Insurance Companies in India

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Employee Health Insurance Companies in India
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Health insurance is essential for organizations nowadays. It helps in risk management by providing complete financial assistance during any health-related crisis. The premium amount is regularly deducted from the employee’s monthly salary.


Additionally, the health insurance plan and group health insurance policy follow the income tax act and tax-related compliances. With employee health insurance, companies earn tax advantages as well. The group health insurance plan and policies ensure employees’ overall wellness, making them 100% dedicated to their work.


Though Finding a suitable health insurance plan that covers what you need is a bit challenging. You may think about what plan would your requirement be or which health insurance company limited is best for employees’ health benefits.


Various top-notch companies in India have exceptional medical group health insurance plans and policies to minimise the burden of huge medical expenses on their employees.


And on the other hand, more than 90% of employees feel safe and secure working with the company has good group health insurance plans, group health insurance policy and better medical insurance assurance.


In this blog, we are sharing the benefits of having employee health insurance policies and the details of the best comprehensive health insurance providing companies and their affordable health insurance plan.



What Do Affordable Group Health Insurance Plans typically Include?

The Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, covers ten healthcare services as essential benefits. Everyone should know about the benefits before choosing any health insurance company here.

  • Preventative services and chronic disease management coverage
  • New-born care and Paediatric care
  • Pregnancy, maternity
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Coverage for emergency services
  • Hospitalization coverage
  • Outpatient care
  • Mental health services and substance use disorder services
  • Coverage for rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices
  • Coverage for other additional benefits, like dental and vision.


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Top 6 Health Insurance Company in India

In this section we are sharing the top 5 health insurance company and their most affordable premiums health insurance plans typically include.


1. New India Health Insurance

New India Assurance is one of the best government-owned general and group health insurance companies that offers health insurance plans, and group health insurance policies. They have a wide network of branches and provide coverage for individuals and families.


The New Health Insurance Company aims to provide end-to-end health insurance coverage that includes a wide range of insurance policies, including health insurance, motor insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, and more.


Additionally, It promotes financial security by offering a customised insurance solution by maintaining customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Having an Insurance Plan with New India Insurance Company

Let’s see what are the benefits of choosing the New India Insurance Company Limited as the employee health insurance partner.


New India insurance company offers in-patient hospitalization expense that includes nursing expenses, room rent, boarding, medicines, specialist’s fees, blood, oxygen, etc.


It provides Pre hospitalization expenses which are covered up to 30 days before hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are covered up to 60 days after hospitalization.


Along with candidates get the facilities of daycare procedures, which requires hospitalization for less than 24 hours are covered.


The health insurance and health insurance covers organ donor transplant expenses, pacemaker expenses and other expenses. Even it provides the critical care benefit as 10% of the Sum Insured is paid.


What is Covered by New India Health Insurance?

In this section, there are thorough details on the plans and policies of the new India health insurance company.


➔ New India Asha Kiran Policy

New India Asha Kiran Policy aims to take care of the healthcare needs of your family. It covers hospitalization expenses of the family and Personal accidents for Parents, spouses, and children.


➔ New India Mediclaim 2012 Policy

Mediclaim 2012 Policy is all about the family members. It covers a separate Sum Insured available for each Insured member of the policy. This policy thus takes proper care of the healthcare needs of your family.


➔ New India Family Floater Mediclaim Policy

Family Floater Mediclaim Policy is designed to cover the family members. It includes Room Rent / Boarding Nursing Expenses amount and more. With this policy, you can get health coverage to cater healthcare needs of the family.


➔ New India Janata Mediclaim Policy

Janata Mediclaim Policy is another health coverage for your family. This policy covers the premium discounts for choosing family cover along with Loyalty discounts and Good health discounts.


➔ New India Top-Up Mediclaim Policy

New India Top-up Mediclaim Policy covers in-patient hospitalization expenses. It is a top-up policy providing additional health coverage for individuals and families. AYUSH treatment and other avail tax benefits are covered within this policy.



2. Plumhq

Plum is a pro sounded health insurance company that operates on a membership-based model, where patients pay a monthly fee to receive unlimited primary care visits, same-day or next-day appointments, and 24/7 access to their doctor via text or phone.


Benefits of Having an Insurance Plan with Plumhq

Plum Health is a good insurance provider that offers a unique healthcare solution for employees. Here are some of the potential benefits that employers and employees can gain from partnering with Plum Health:


➔ Lower healthcare costs

By offering a primary care membership plan with benefits like scheduled health checkups to employees. Employers can potentially reduce their healthcare costs over time.

By emphasizing preventive care and early intervention, primary care can help employees stay healthier and avoid more costly medical interventions.


➔ Improved employee health and well-being

Plum Health’s personalized and accessible primary care services can help employees stay healthy, manage chronic conditions, and prevent health problems from getting worse. This can lead to better employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, and overall better employee morale.


➔ Convenient and flexible healthcare

Plum Health’s membership model allows employees to access primary care services, pre existing diseases without worrying about copays or deductibles.

They can also schedule same-day or next-day appointments and have 24/7 access to their doctor via text or phone. This can be particularly valuable for employees who have busy schedules or limited access to transportation.


➔ Personalized care and attention

Plum Health’s primary care model emphasizes building long-term relationships between doctors and patients. This can help employees feel more comfortable and supported in managing their health, and can lead to better health outcomes over time.


What is Covered by Plumhq Group Health Insurance Policy?

Some of the specific group health insurance policy services Plumhq offers:

  1. Physical exams and wellness checks
  2. Chronic disease management for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma
  3. Urgent care services for non-life-threatening conditions
  4. Mental health care services, including counseling and therapy
  5. Vaccinations and immunizations
  6. Basic laboratory testing
  7. Coordination of specialist referrals and care


It’s important to note that while Plum Health’s primary care services are not insurance, they can complement a patient’s existing health group insurance coverage.


Patients may still need insurance to cover hospitalizations, surgeries, and other medical interventions that are not provided by Plum Health insurance.


3. Onsurity

Onsurity is a tech-driven employee health benefits platform based in India. It offers a range of employee health benefits such as health insurance, group insurance doctor consultations, mental wellness programs, medical emergency and fitness and wellness programs.


Onsurity aims to simplify employee health benefits and make them more accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.


Onsurity offers customizable health plans tailored to meet employees’ specific needs. The plans include health insurance coverage from top insurance companies, such as ICICI Lombard, HDFC ERGO, and Religare Group Health Insurance.


Benefits of Having an Insurance Plan with Onsurity

Onsurity offers telemedicine services, which allow employees to consult with doctors over the phone or via video calls, and mental wellness programs, which provide access to licensed therapists and counsellors.


It offers fitness and wellness programs such as gym memberships, yoga classes, and online fitness programs, which help employees stay healthy and active.


It is a user-friendly platform that allows employees to manage their health benefits and access health-related information through a mobile app.


Additionally, it offers a comprehensive employee health benefits platform that is affordable and easy to use.


What is Covered by Onsurity Group Health Insurance Policy?

➔ Hospitalization coverage

Hospitalization charges including nursing expenses, entire medicine charges, specific doctor fees, hospital room rent, etc are covered.


➔ Healthcare at home

Healthcare insurance plans include healthcare at home in case hospital beds are unavailing, and treatment at home is covered up to a specified limit.


➔ Day care treatments

From simple daycare treatment like health checkups to quick first aid or any required hospitalization for employees and their immediate family members within less than 24 hours are covered.


➔ Maternity coverage

maternity coverage includes any expenses due to maternity or delivery time whether it is caesarean or normal are covered.


➔ Pre and post-hospitalization expenses

Pre and Post- hospitalization expenses ensure a month pre and 2 months of post-hospitalization charges bourne by the insured are covered.



4. Healthysure

Healthysure is an Employee Benefits Insurtech Platform providing budget-friendly group health insurance plans and affordable group medical insurance policies accessible to SMEs, Startups & Enterprises in India.


Benefits of Having an Insurance Plan with Healthysure

Healthysure offers digitized corporate health insurance plans and policies that claim group insurance health and wellness offerings.


It launches Flexi Top-up Insurance which ensures employee benefits, offers personalized plans & upgrades the corporate health covers.


So that the employees enjoy continuity benefits pre-existing post-employment.


What is Covered by Healthysure Group Health Insurance Policy?

➔ Personalized Claim management

It offers dedicated personalized claims management with real-time updates and paperless claims filing.


➔ 360-degree group health insurance coverage

Healthysure covers 360 health insurances that include Group employee health insurance, Doctor consultation, Health Checkups, maternity benefits, Gym Memberships, allied insurance, Group accident insurance or medical emergencies, Critical Illness cover, Mental wellness cover, etc.



5. Ethika

Ethika is one of the best health insurance companies that combines technology and innovation so that employees can assess medical expenses simply.


This health insurance company and insurance broker help the organization by providing the right group health insurance policies and other medical expenses in detail.


Benefits of Having an Insurance Plan with Ethika

Ethika corporate health insurance plan provides lots of benefits for corporate employees that are not even available for outside individuals.


It ensures providing features like high-value health Insurance claims, group health insurance policies, tax benefits, group medical cover, employee individual health insurance plans, for employees.


Let’s look into its benefit in detail.


Employees can experience a hassle-free claim experience with the Red Carpet Claims assistance provided by Ethika corporate health insurance.


Ethika Health insurance company provides employee happiness programs by ensuring basic detail of group health insurance plans, group health insurance policies, employee benefits, group mediclaim policies, overseas travel insurance etc.


With Ethika health insurance providers employees can be benefited from the best health insurance software. they can count the exact sum insured for the accidental policies, and get instant emergency service for themselves and their family members.


What is Covered by Ethika Group Health Insurance Policy?

  • Secure and loyal group health insurance plan that ensures employee satisfaction and happiness
  • Group-term life insurance ensures monetary benefits to the beneficiaries even if the employee dies during the pre-defined period.
  • Accidental cover up to 30 lahks, This is the lumpsum benefit (Sum Insured) payable to the nominee upon the death of the insured.

6. Pazcare

Pazcare is one of the best health insurance companies where employees get group medical insurance plans and other medical insurance covers, group mediclaim insurance policies, and even also other medical coverage in one single platform.


Pazcare is known for its digital card facilities and its ease of use and simplicity.


Benefits of Having an Insurance Plan with Pazcare

Now we are discussing why choosing pazcare is important for corporate health insurance and group health insurance plan and group medical insurance policy.


➔ Instant Access

Employees do instant access and get instant updates through the app. Even employees can analyse past health-related details from getting hospitalized to discharge through the application.


➔ Policy coverage

With Pazcare, employees do not have to maintain the traditional insurance jargon and phrases. They get instant notification of any policy updates and tax benefits.


➔ Easy claim experience

Through the Pazcare application, employees enjoy the claim settlement process and can file the claim anytime, anywhere. What the employees’ experiences are;

  • Cashless assistance
  • Secure digital handling
  • Real-time claim tracking
  • Easy detection of Claim settlement ratio


What is Covered by Pazcare Group Health Insurance Policy?

What else do the employees achieve extra with the pazcare health insurance company and their group health insurance plan?


➔ Digital Health Cards

Employees can use their Pazcare digital health cards on the app anytime and start their treatment immediately at network hospitals. They can enjoy the tax benefits from the digital health card as well.


➔ 24×7 Support and instant chatbot support

Pazcare gives you instant human-to-human support through Whatsapp and calls. Besides, It provides chatbot support for any random queries.


➔ Prefered HRMS integration

Organizations can combine the employees’ entire group health insurance plan and their complete medical expense details and other policy management process with their native HRMS software platforms.


➔ Quick tracking of claims and usage

Organizations can clearly understand how employees use their healthcare benefits through our analytics dashboard. Also, ensures the sum insured and how many claims are in process and settled.


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At the End

India has several top health insurance companies that offer a wide range of policies to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families.


While rankings and positions may vary, some of the prominent health insurance companies in India include Star Health, New India Assurance Company Limited, Pazzcare, Plumhq, Ethika, Healthysure, Onsurity, etc.


These companies aim to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage, cashless hospitalization, and various add-on benefits to policyholders.


They have extensive networks of hospitals for cashless treatments and offer different types of policies such as individual, family, senior citizen, and critical illness coverage.


But before tie up any health insurance company , it is essential to go with the priority of your company employees and clarify the complete coverage and benefits of the chosen insurance company.

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