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International HR Day In 2023
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The human resource department is an essential part of the organization. As we are approaching International HR Day let’s look at some ideas to celebrate the special day and understand the significance of this day.


What is World HR Day?

International human resource day (IHRD) is celebrated to recognize the contribution of human resource professionals. World HR Day is to appreciate the effort they put in to manage and efficiently use the most crucial element of any organization, human resources. That makes the celebration of HR day, one of the ways to show our appreciation and celebrate the contribution of the human resource department.


When is International HR Day?

International human resources day is celebrated on the 20th May of every year. This international HR day falls on Saturday, one more reason to celebrate it with full energy and make it fun for everyone involved in the celebration.


Why is HR Day Celebrated?

Now we globally recognise the importance of human resource professionals in organizations. In the past, human resources were seen as a cost centre because they used to work in traditional ways to handle admin work.


HR Day as well as the HR professional day are the occasion where we actively recognise the role of modern HR and show our appreciation. They are the essential element between the top-level management and employees that keeps balance in the organization.


Human resource departments are also strategic assets for the company when it comes to taking informed decisions. They help in detecting the scope of improvement for the workforce, which helps the firm to grow. Overall the modern human resource department and human resource professionals have a significant contribution to the organization.


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What is the International HR Day theme?

The theme for this International HR Day is, ‘Shaping the new future’. The theme implies that we need to create trust and equality. There should be diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Employees should be treated with respect and get the pay that they deserve.


This International HR Day theme also implies that organizations should design jobs that optimise productivity. The performance will improve when the responsibilities meet skill and there has to be a certain degree of optimism. It also talks about HR leading change through building a workplace that supports employees to lead balanced lives.


Top 7 Best Ways to Celebrate International HR Day

1. Public Recognition

We need to understand that human resource professionals are also part of your staff. Like everyone else, they have to play a crucial role in the productivity of the company. HR teams are often responsible for making the workforce feel appreciated and motivated. But HR departments rarely get the appreciation they need.


This International HR Day you can fill the gap by showing your human resource personnel that you value their work. The recognition is best done in public. Recognized the work of your human resource management team members in front of other employees they put in hard work for. It is also good to have a small cake-cutting ceremony.


2. Reward the Best

When your reward someone it boosts their morale and also inspires people to give their best at work too. If you are a small business you can show your appreciation towards your HR professionals too.


It does not have to be an expensive gift small gestures such as a small gift such as flowers or chocolates, a certificate, a care package, or a trophy will do well to appreciate the hard work they do.


3. Use Social Media

The world celebrates human resources day in varied ways. One of the ways that are easy and impactful is to use social media. Today, in the era of remote work and hybrid culture. People are working in the same team but scattered in different locations.


HR plays an integral role in connecting workers with other individuals and designing working practices that keep them connected. You can encourage your staff or co-workers to pay tribute to hardworking HR by talking about it in their social media posts. That will also inspire people interested in social media to do the same and join the initiative.


When more and more people join the initiative, it can be a great feeling for HR professionals. Send an email to your staff suggesting how they can celebrate human resource professionals. For example, they can talk about how they improve the working lives of everyone or how human resources help them improve overall productivity.


4. Gift them Efficiency

This human resource day gifts your HR professionals something that helps them to be aligned with the future. As a job role, HRs are people professionals, and their work benefits workers. A technology upgrade to cloud-based HRMS software will be an impactful gift for your human resources department.


This international human resources day can be a great occasion to adopt a new future for your HR. The department has multiple responsibilities and not enough time to work on strategic elements. An HRMS software will streamline and automate the repetitive manual HR process. For example, payroll can be done with a single click which saves a lot of time and effort for your HR team.


HR shaping the new future and leading change in the hybrid world and technology has always been a huge part of the change they bring. The best part of gifting HR software is, HR personnel won’t be the only ones who benefit from the upgrade.


By gifting HRMS software to your human resources team this International HR Day you also upgrade your business. As this will allow HR professionals to bring more actionable insight from the data with the power of simplified analytics. That way you can bring them to par with the rest of the HR industry and make an informed decision. That is crucial for strategically designing a new future for your business.


5. Raise Awareness

This International HR Day, it’s a good idea to educate your employees on the role of HR professionals in the company. The world celebrates HR professional and their achievements in different ways.


Gaining insight into the contribution of HR leaders in developing human capital will provide a better understanding to employees. It can benefit workers at all levels as they are more aware of how HR join efforts to achieve organizational goals. It also helps to make everyone understand the importance HR profession so they can ask HR for help when needed.


6. Upskill

They say knowledge is the greatest gift that you can give to someone. Like any other professional, the human resources department needs skills and training too. Upskilling will HR in shaping the new future.


This international human resources day arrange some training for your HR employees so they will be empowered to benefit workers through knowledge such as better understanding and improved legislation interpreting skills.


This International HR Day you can invite HR industry leaders to share their experience and knowledge through an HR seminar. This will improve the working lives of your HR team and also help them advance in their career.


You can send an email asking your HR team for suggestions on who will be the right person or what topic they would like to educate themselves on. For example, this can be a targeted forum or HR seminar for some important legislation. That will help your business and all your employees along with the HR team.


7. Throw a Party

Last but not least, good old fun company parties for the celebration of International HR Day. Irrespective of the domain organizations work in, everyone likes to party. It is a simple but effective way to celebrate human resources day. Make it a small or a huge event depending on the resources at your disposal. As a party will be a party in any shape and size.


Usually, it’s the job of the HR team to throw fun company parties. This HR day surprise them by arranging one for them. Be creative get some fun activities or invent games and quizzes to celebrate HR personnel’s journey in the company. That will also make them feel proud to be part of the HR profession and the company. In addition to that the experience will join their good memories.


★ Bonus

The HR profession is a busy one with a lot of responsibilities and constant hustle. So if you believe in celebrating it by doing something different and not sticking to the traditional ways you can give your HR team a day off.


Official holiday parties and care packages or any other way imply that they are still working on a special day. So, the official holiday will be a great idea to give them a break from their working lives and show the gratitude company have for HR.


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The human resource department is an essential element in the company. Ensure that everyone understands the role HR plays and appreciates their effort. When it comes to recognition and celebration, it’s important to make the HR team feel valued irrespective of the size of the celebration.


The bottom line is that the gesture of gratitude matters. So, ensures that you celebrate this International HR Day using one of the above ideas or come up with some of your own.

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