20 Best Employee Engagement Software in 2024

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Best Employee Engagement Software
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Employee engagement and enhanced employee experience are essential for the success of any organisation. Engaged employees stay with the company for longer, which results in long-term dedicated staff, who are interested in remaining a part of the company.


Such employees are more productive and provide valuable inputs to enhance the company’s products and services too. Hence, an employee engagement software has become a necessity for any modern organization, and utilizing the best payroll software in India can further streamline and optimize the management of employee compensation, contributing to a comprehensive approach to workforce management.


It is essential to ensure that the staff remains engaged with the company, resulting in a workforce that is loyal towards their company and is willing to go the extra mile to undertake their tasks.


It also results in an enhanced employee experience and employer brand image, resulting in the recruitment of staff who already know of your workplace and actively wish to work with you.


Hence, we will be sharing what is employee engagement and 20 of the top employee engagement software that enhances the employee engagement rate in your organization.


What is Employee Engagement?



Key Features of The Best Employee Engagement Software

When it comes to finding the right employee engagement software, there are many solutions available in the market with different kinds of key features.


While some features are geared towards start-ups, others might be better suited for multinational corporations.


However, there are some key features, which are present in an employee engagement software:


➔ Recognition and Rewards

Employee recognition is essential for employee engagement as the need for recognition is a basic human instinct.


You can recognize your staff with peer-to-peer recognition which enables them to feel valued at their workplace.


You can also provide gamified scorekeeping for your staff to engage them in undertaking their tasks well.


Additionally, you can also customize the reward programs for the employees, providing them with an added incentive for achieving it.


An employee engagement software provides multiple options for recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions and achievements within the company.


With the help of the platform, HR teams can choose the rewards as per the achievement and have additional customization options are their disposal for keeping them engaged with the business.


➔ Surveys and Feedback

A robust feedback system is essential in the smooth functioning for employee engagement software as it offers multiple avenues for engaging your staff.


A common feedback mechanism utilized in companies are surveys, which can be anonymous to let the employees speak their mind without any repercussions.


Undertaking regular surveys and pulse checks helps with anonymous feedback collection, making it easier to get valuable insights.


Having a real-time feedback feature also helps in measuring the job satisfaction of your staff and identifying the key areas for improvement in real time.


It can also be used to help you in gathering valuable insights for data-backed decision-making, which will be appreciated by the staff since they realize that their opinions are being valued.


➔ Performance Management

Another one of the must-have key features when talking about employee engagement software is a robust performance management module. Performance management tools help set and track employee goals effectively.


Such tools provide continuous feedback for performance improvement too, which helps the employee take corrective measures to improve their work performance further.


Having a robust performance management system will also facilitate transparent performance reviews. It will enable the staff to understand what they are doing right and what they need to improve to further progress in their career. Such motivation provided by their superiors will result in better individual development of the staff members.


➔ Effective Communication

Open communication results in a clear flow of information between the staff and the organization, enabling increased engagement.


Hence, employee engagement software provides robust communication features such as discussion forums to enable the free flow of information.


Some software even has rich-text group chats with file-sharing within the platform, enabling a smooth flow of information throughout the company as well as within teams.


On the other hand, some employee engagement software has company-wide internal social media, which fosters enhanced collaboration that helps with seamless information flow across teams and departments.


It also helps them to wish each other on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, blurring the lines between their work and personal lives.


➔ Learning and Development

Learning management systems (LMS) have become quite sophisticated with the introduction of modern technologies. Hence, integrating your LMS with the employee engagement software is a no-brainer as it provides your employee with further upskilling opportunities.


It enables you to also gamify the LMS by having public scorecards and rewarding them for the staff at the top of the leaderboard.


Such LMS and engagement software integration has the dual advantage of upskilling the employee and making them realize their significance for the company, as well as improving their skills, making them more productive and efficient. Hence, modern employee engagement systems provide advanced LMS features integrated into them.


➔ Performance Analytics

Analytics play a significant role in providing managers and HR with actionable insights into employee performance. It helps in improving their engagement levels and easily analyse the company trends.


Hence, engagement software comes with real-time analytical tools that enable you to generate custom reports and make data-driven decisions.


With custom reporting augmented with the help of handy templates, HR can generate any kind of easy-to-use dashboard and analyse the data as and when required. Additionally, modern systems also enable exporting the data to share with all stakeholders.


Having such options helps make positive changes to transform their workspace more conducive to the employees and improve their productivity.


➔ Employee Surveys

Since surveys help understand the employee pulse in the organization, modern employee engagement software also includes a survey module for gathering feedback on specific topics.


Such tools help them realize the efforts their company puts into developing an engaging company culture.


It also helps develop engagement initiatives and facilitates data-driven decision-making, making the workspace employee-centric.


Such surveys also ensure the staff that their voice is being heard, while the visible changes assure them of the company’s commitment towards improving the facilities for the staff.


➔ Mobile Access

With the widespread adoption of high-speed internet, modern enterprise software has transformed into cloud-based apps with mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces.


The same philosophy applies to all-in-one employee engagement software as well, since it becomes very easy for the end user to access the system from anywhere, anytime.


Having a mobile-friendly easy-to-use interface also enhances the usability of the system, making it useful for HR and employees.


While the employee engagement platform may require additional training, mobile apps are comparatively easy to use for the users, increasing their adoption rate and enabling remote round-the-clock access.


It provides easy accessibility for the employees to undertake their HR-related tasks such as applying for leaves, marking their attendance, and downloading payslips.


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Top 10 Best Employee Engagement Software

We have curated the best employee engagement software which has all the key features mentioned above as well as some other features, which makes them the ideal choice for any organization.


While each software has its USP, the platform in this list comes with enhanced features that help keep your employees engaged with your organization.


1. Pocket HRMS

India's First Smart Payroll Software Pocket HRMS


Pocket HRMS is an all-in-one employee engagement software for organizations of any size since it comes with enhanced AI-based modules that can vastly improve the employee engagement rate in your organization.


Being a comprehensive HRMS Software, it has facial recognition-based attendance tracking, an AI-based chatbot smHRty for 24/7 employee assistance, a mobile app for easy HR-related information access, attendance marking, leave applications, on-duty applications, and more.


It also provides actionable insights to help you with data-backed decision-making. It even has a free trial to help you make an informed decision.


2. Trakstar



Trakstar is a talent development hub, which is primarily aimed at upskilling the existing talent in your company and providing them with a great employee experience.


It removes the use of manual processes to make smarter decisions which will enable you to attract, retain and engage your workforce. Its main modules include recruitment, training, performance management and real-time analytics.


3. Connecteam


Connecteam is employee engagement software which is mainly used for communicating with your non-desk workforce. The application offers employee scheduling, time management, task management, and more.


For keeping your employees engaged, Connecteam also has employee chats, directories, surveys, and a knowledge base, as well as rewards and peer-to-peer recognition programs, training programs, quizzes, etc. for enhancing employee engagement.


4. Officevibe



Officevibe is an employee engagement software dedicated to increasing employee engagement and retention by providing managers with the tools for surveying and gathering employee feedback, recognizing and rewarding staff members, as well as managing their performance.


It also provides actionable insights for understanding employee pulse and making data-backed decisions.


5. Beams



Beams is an employee engagement and integrated development platform that helps recognize your teams and keep them engaged.


They provide ready-to-use surveys, personalized employee recommendations, a dedicated gratitude tool, and more for in-depth analytics and gathering a clear picture of the employees’ wellbeing.


Having such comprehensive coverage ensures retention due to improved employee engagement and job satisfaction.


6. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR


Bamboo HR is another all-in-one HRMS which provides multiple avenues for employee engagement in the form of eNPS based employee surveys, enhanced performance management, improved well-being, etc.


It also takes care of employee well-being by allowing organizations to understand how their employees are feeling about their company, which leads to improved culture and increased financial turnover due to engaged staff.


7. Amara



Amara is an AI chatbot that has the potential to transform the employee experience by providing the ability to monitor employee sentiments and gather valuable insights.


It can listen to the employee and resolve their queries, as well as provide real-time insights to the staff. It also comes with predictive analysis and an all-in-one easy-to-use dashboard to enable its clients to make informed decisions.


8. Motivosity



Motivosity is all about employee engagement and improving job satisfaction. Their software aims to develop a connected workplace for enhancing the employee experience in organizations.


With enhanced onboarding programs, exceptional recognition and rewards, manager development programs, and in-depth employee insights, Motivosity ensures that your staff gets the employee experience they deserve.


9. Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle


Vantage Circle is a holistic employee engagement platform that has separate modules for keeping your employees engaged with your organization.


While Vantage Fit ensures employee wellness, Vantage Rewards provides your HR with rewards and recognition tools.


On the other hand, Vantage Pulse helps you gather anonymous employee feedback, while Vantage Perks provides them with exclusive corporate offers and discounts for keeping them engaged.


10. Bonusly



Bonusly provides a lot of tools for employers to actively engage their staff and to help ensure their job satisfaction.


They provide a host of employee engagement features such as employee recognition and a rewards platform with peer-to-peer recognition. It also has an extensive rewards catalogue with gift cards, cash out, and donation options.


11. WorkTango



WorkTango’s comprehensive approach towards employee engagement comes with a slew of features such as an employee rewards and recognition module, surveys and insights section, as well as a goals and feedback module for enhancing employee engagement.


By combining the main three aspects of employee engagement under one roof, WorkTango aims to provide a complete engagement solution.


12. ClearCompany



ClearCompany believes in talent maximization, which is why its talent management system has a three-tier approach in the form of planning, execution, and culture.


They provide various features to accomplish the goals such as finding and recruiting talented candidates, onboarding them smoothly, keeping them engaged, as well as analyzing their performance with enhanced analytics and reporting features.


13. Leapsome



Leapsome provides numerous features for effective performance management, improved employee engagement, OKRs and learning.


They have also enabled engaging reviews, goal setting, surveys, and learning, along with an instant feedback mechanism to keep your staff engaged with your organization.


Their Leapsome AI employs artificial intelligence to provide constructive feedback and improve written communication in any organization.


14. PeopleCues



PeopleCues believe that the 3-secret ingredients for keeping employees engaged are a mission-driven culture, individual goal alignment with company goals, and talent growth.


Hence, they provide tools for improving employee engagement, setting objectives for observing the key result areas and managing employee performance effectively.


15. Culture Amp

Culture Amp


As the name suggests, Culture Amp aims to amplify the company culture by utilizing its vast array of tools that provide employee engagement, manage their performance, and provide talent upskilling for effectively undertaking their work.


It consists of various features such as turnover prediction, ready-to-use surveys, analytics, goal tracking, personalized plans, goal-setting, and more.


16. Nectar



Nectar is another employee engagement platform that utilizes multiple tools such as company-wide recognition features, an extensive rewards catalogue, custom challenges, and more to create engagement opportunities for employees and ensure their retention.


It takes care of boosting employee morale, reinforcing company values, and connecting remote teams with company culture.


17. PeopleOne



People One has envisioned the modern intranet to be an engagement platform and hence, they have transformed their solution into an internal company-wide social media with enhanced internal communications for truly bringing people together as a community.


As a result, the solution provides a seamless way to share employee information and receive feedback, that helps cultivate a productive, efficient and engaged workforce.


18. Atobi



Although Atobi is aimed primarily at the retail market, it can be used by organizations from any business vertical.


They have integrated communications, training, operations and performance management into a single platform, which allows you to have a higher engagement rate among employees, effectively transforming them into brand ambassadors for their company.


19. Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace


Quantum Workplace has set its focus on employee insights as having the right data can ensure that you maintain the employee engagement rate in your organization and even make data-backed decisions to improve it.


Hence, they have provided all-in-one analytics and reporting tools along with enhanced performance management, which features goal-setting and tracking to ensure a thorough analysis.


20. Fond



Fond is focused on employee rewards and recognition, and hence, they have divided their solution into Fond Rewards and Fond Perks.


With such features, Fond provides a great way to motivate your staff with an intensive range of rewards and perks. It has an inbuilt global social feed, using which, managers can share their feedback and recognize their staff publicly.


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So, that concludes the list of employee engagement software for your organization that augments your employee engagement efforts and enhances them with the help of software.


Since most of these platforms are cloud-based, they can be easily scaled and customized to your exact specifications.


They can also be accessed from anywhere, anytime, which provides your employees with seamless access to their employment and company data, making it a highly engaging process.


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