What is a Hiring Freeze? – A Through Anatomy on Reasons and Impacts

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Hiring Freeze
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What is a Hiring Freeze?

A hiring freeze is a cease or halt of hiring processes on the creation of new job roles due to economic downturn, cost containment tactics, high inflation, slowing economic growth, pandemic urgency, weaker revenue generation, and more. It is done to reduce costs incurred in hiring non-essential job posts and forbids the creation of vacancies for new positions in an organization.


A hiring freeze is often confused with layoffs, but both are distinctive and have a significant impact on the organization and employees. It is usually temporary but is indefinite.


Why do companies implement hiring freezes?

There can be multiple reasons why a company implements hiring freezes. Some of these are listed below:


1. Economic downturn

An economic downturn signifies the decline of the economy due to certain specific or unspecific reasons.


The economic downturn has impactful consequences on the workflow and economy of the business. Sometimes it can turn into a disguised failure for the business if not handled tactfully with vigilance and a strategic approach.


The reasons for the economic downturn include:


  • A seismic shift in the market
  • Excessive deflation
  • Excessive inflation
  • Production and sales metrics imbalance
  • Economic freezes
  • Pandemic outburst
  • Uncertain disturbances between trading countries
  • Import greater than export
  • Technological development
  • Economic downfall due to excessive debt
  • Unplanned business strategies
  • Economic crisis due to demand and supply imbalances
  • A high unemployment rate, and more.


2. Preserve Fiscal Stability – Cost Containment Tactics

It is a common practice for businesses to implement hiring freezes to preserve economic stability or retain profit in the form of savings. It is also implemented to cut the hiring expenses incurred in anticipation of future uncertainties.


When there pertains a stronger probability of economic decline or seismic shifts in the future, companies usually adopt the method of hiring freeze for cost-cutting purposes. Irrespective of anticipated future risks, sometimes organization goes for hiring freezes even without any probable foresight to preserve their liquidity and fiscal stability as per business needs and Expense Guidance.


Expense guidance is the detailed report on the cost assigned for a specific spend. It is undertaken to keep a watch on the expenses budgeted and the actual spending incurred by businesses.


3. Strategical Avoidance of Layoffs

Another reason for a hiring freeze that companies implement is to avoid layoffs or termination of long-term employees due to necessitating circumstances. The hiring freezes and costs invested in hiring for specific job posts are put to a halt to stop the expenses from exceeding the budgeted limit.


It is specifically undertaken to retain long-term employees while saving costs by freezing the process of hiring new employees.


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Things to Do During a Hiring Freeze


➔ Identifying Gaps

The first thing to do after a hiring freeze is to identify the gaps that prevail within the organization due to the hiring freeze or any existing circumstances.


Identifying gaps signifies gaining knowledge on the difficulties or after-effects of hiring freezes which have a huge impact on your workplace and employees. Alongside this, it gives an insight into the areas of improvement required to adapt to the oncoming decline.


➔ Engagement & Feedback

The best technique for companies to perform during a hiring freeze is to engage the prevailing employees. May it be socially with CSR activities, corporate philanthropy, or other social engagement activities the organization needs to keep up with high employee morale to enhance their productivity.


In addition, obtain regular feedback from them regarding their work lifestyle, pressure, tasks assigned, troubles faced, etc, to create a sense of belongingness by enhancing employee connection with the organization.


➔ Work on Employer Branding

Further, another way of implementing processes that would keep your workforce motivated during a hiring freeze is by recognizing the efforts of the existing employees. Providing them adequate recognition and rewards for their contribution encourages them to perform efficiently. It also helps in the retention of talented staff members.


Employees are valuable assets for the company. So, companies need to lift the standards of the workforce during tough times. Rewarding their service deliverance will have an impactful boost on employees’ motivation to keep up with the tasks even while the situation seems to be an uphill battle.


➔ Provide Upskilling Opportunities

Another vital process to perform during a hiring freeze is providing upskilling opportunities to the existing employees.


It gives them adequate time to update their skills, nourish their knowledge, and learn new talent through the correct training facilities provided by the company. Moreover, it would ignite their interest and intelligence level, hence keeping them rooted and occupied in upgrading their capabilities.


Metrics To be Considered During a Hiring Freeze

Implementing a hiring freeze isn’t a cakewalk for an organization. It requires careful intervention in the situation and vigilance to keep up with the metrics during the hiring freeze state. It is essential to maintain harmony in the work ecosystem and sustain the challenges that occur during a hiring freeze.


Below mentioned are a few metrics that should be taken into consideration during the hiring freeze:


➔ Employee Morale & Productivity

The morale of the employees should be boosted by implementing different techniques such as:


  • Recognizing them
  • Rewarding their efforts
  • Providing upskilling opportunities
  • Taking feedback from them
  • Encouraging corporate philanthropy
  • Enhancing social engagement.


In a fragile business scenario, if you ignore your employee’s sentiments during the hiring freeze, it can result in the degradation of your entire business as your workforce is a vital factor in contributing towards your overall workflow.


So, to keep your employees involved and effectively retain them in tough times, it is important to keep them occupied in productive tasks while ensuring they are valued.


➔ Budget

It is a vital aspect to be taken care of during the hiring freeze as the hiring freezes are usually implemented to reduce costs due to economic downturns or other setbacks. So, during the phase of a hiring freeze, keeping a check on the budget as advised by the expense guidance is crucial.


➔ Retention Rate

During a hiring freeze, it is immensely important that you take care of your employee’s retention rate as it is implemented during crisis times or to save the cost incurred in hiring. When the hiring is put on halt, you would have the support of your existing employees only.


Hence, this phase of the business demands the retention of your employees to come out of the crunch with the least forfeiture.


➔ Expense Guidance

During the hiring freeze, the need to keep your expenses within the limit predefined in the budget is an essential priority.


A hiring freeze is uncertain regarding the duration of its longevity. It can vary from long-term to short-term periods affecting an organization’s workflow significantly.


Expense guidance means that the company is liable to keep a watch on its spending to maintain the budget specified, to come out of the crisis which has prompted the hiring freeze.


➔ Overall Execution

Last but not least, it is vital for the companies to look after the overall execution of the workflow and its workforce during the hiring freeze, to not lose any significant element that would affect or add up adversities to the entire business during the hiring freeze. Such kind of factors include:


  • Strategic plans
  • Compliance maintenance
  • Policies and procedures
  • Employees’ well-being, and more.


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Difference between Hiring Freezes and Layoffs


Hiring Freeze Layoffs
Cease of new Hiring Termination of Prevailing employees
No current employees are fired Current employees are fired
Reason: Cost-saving Tactics Reason: Cost cutting for requirement
slows Expansion of Business Downsize a company
Temporary Permanent


How Does a Hiring Freeze Impact Employees?

Hiring freezes are significant and their impact on employees is immense, which includes the following:


➔ Shatters Morale

A hiring freeze might shatter the confidence of employees as they would have a lesser chance to search for new opportunities. Further, their growth can be confined to limited opportunities if the hiring freezes are subject to an economic downturn.


➔ Financial Constraints

In case of adverse circumstances necessitating the need for a hiring freeze, the company goes through financial crises which ultimately puts the pay, opportunities, and growth of employees at threat.


➔ Increases Work Pressure

Due to cease in the hiring, the limited workforce gets pressurized due to an overload of work. The company completely relies upon the persisting employees for all the tasks which affects their quality of service as well as mental health adversely.


➔ Serves as an Opportunity

Looking at the brighter side, a hiring freeze serves as an opportunity for the employees to prove their potential as there would be a halt in hiring. The responsibility of the existing employees would naturally go on the rise hence, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge in serving the company.


How to respond to hiring freezes?

To sustain hiring freezes, you can adopt the ways listed below:


➔ Strengthen Professional Connections

Strengthening professional connections during hiring freezes can help your organization to stay in touch with them, which would further keep them informed about your existence in the market. Further, it would keep the job applicants informed and updated about the existence or dissolution of a hiring freeze.


It is beneficial for employees as well to keep a watch on other companies’ vacancies in case of a switch to seek a new job.


➔ Seek Leadership Opportunities

During a hiring freeze, employees can showcase their leadership traits as the fear to lose jobs becomes nominal due to cease in hiring.


➔ Maintain a positive mindset

Both the organization and its employees need to keep a positive mindset by counting the blessings in disguise, which means finding opportunities from the hiring freeze and growing from it.


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In the end, we got an insight into what is a hiring freeze, what are the reasons to freeze hiring, and what is the way to combat it, as well as the necessary caution that should be made before implementing a hiring freeze. Understanding these factors can be beneficial for both the employees and the organization during hard times.


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