Top 5 Job Portals in India

Top 5 Job Portals in India
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When it comes to finding the right job is also important for candidates. The recruiters and candidates find the platforms that they have access to digitally, more convenient. Candidates like to use some filters to search for jobs in India. It is one of the reasons that the best job portals in India offer more than just job postings.


There are many job portals in India and across the world that help you find job postings that you are looking for. Here are a few job search portals and job boards in India.


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This is one of the most used and one of the first online job portals in India. is founded in the year of 1997 giving job seekers an online platform to find the right job for them. The portal is cost-free for a job seeker to use. Thousands of jobs in India are being posted on the platform on daily basis.


Those people who are looking for a new job and want to speed up their job hunt to find the right job faster can use the paid services of for a job hunter. There are multiple paid services that are offered by the job portal including well-crafted resumes.


A well-crafted resume will give the candidate the upper hand as compared to the other candidates. That gets the attention of the best job recruiters and the companies on the job portal. These resumes are designed by experts for job seekers. Recruiters receive hundreds and thousands of resumes for every job posting. The recruiters often use ATS for screening the resume and barely take a look at it for a few seconds. With the paid services of, you can get your resume shortlisted through the ATS.


As well written resumes have higher chances to get shortlisted even with a few seconds of exposure to the recruiters. This service also includes designing a visual resume to grab the attention. There are many other services that this platform offers such as connecting with recruiters directly higher visibility and getting your application in priority. can be used to find jobs from across the world along with in India. The portal also offers various features such as response management and building a resume database. The best part of the portal is there are jobs that are updated every day. The portal also offers services that are related to hiring and recruitment for recruiters or placement agencies along with job seekers.


It is a preferred job portal for job seekers because it offers various filters that can help can be date find the job they are looking for. Since a lot of time would rather be wasted by reading each and every job post in India. The easy-to-apply filter options include the offered salary and location. All the candidates can compare various job posts from these parameters. also offered skill trends which is a tool which can help you to find the skills that are often preferred by the industry.


Monster India

Monster is a global online job portal and Monster India was launched in 2011. The headquarters for Monster India is in Hyderabad. Monster India is the job search portal that helps you if you are looking for a job in India as well as at any other location in the world. Job seekers can gate the free profile listed on the portal.


Monster India is another job portal that is active in India for a long time. Monster India offers various search features for job seekers to find the right job for them. Along with the online website, the portal can be also accessed through its official mobile app.


You can filter out the job search according to various parameters such as job title location education requirement, industry and much more. Considering recent developments in the job market monster also offers dedicated sections for freshers as well as who are exclusively looking for remote work.


Apart from the free access to the job portal for the candidate the website also offers services related to the resume. This service also helps you if you are looking for a job in a particular location the expert resume can help you to get the desired job faster. also have a dedicated blog section to help job seekers find the top job in the market. The portal has features where you can access the skills. The services that are offered to recruiters include managing the job post and getting the right pool of candidates. As a recruiter, you can decide what amount of traffic you expect for the post. There is an option for creating a customized application and also to track the applicants throughout the process.


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LinkedIn is looked upon as a professional networking site and that makes it different from typical job portals. As it is a professional networking site it offers free profiles too. LinkedIn allows you to express your opinion and also show your work.


Recruitment and hiring are important decisions for both company and the candidate. Most companies like to go through candidates’ LinkedIn profiles respective of where they got their application forms. That means if you are looking for a job it’s important to have a profile on this platform so that it can add some positive points to your candidature.


The professional networking site LinkedIn allows you to connect with the people in your field and you can rip benefit from these connections at the time of your job search. Just applying for the job doesn’t always get you an interview. The website network-building opportunity can be utilised along with your job search process. Here you can connect with people in India as well as other countries in the world.


LinkedIn act as a great resource for job search. As it not only allows you to build your professional network but you can add your skills to your profile and your connections related to the field can endorse those skills. That adds more value to your profile if you are looking for a job you can use features that are offered for the job seekers also known as open-to-work features.


You can form a specific job profile and location that you want. LinkedIn also allows you to set an alert for your chosen job search filters and notify you when there is a job post that aligns with your profile and preferences. The other filters that you can use for job search include job title, location, company, pay grade and much more.


In response to various changes that happened during a pandemic, there are people who were taking different kinds of jobs than their profile at the time. For them, LinkedIn has launched career explorer. It is a tool which is designed to help you if you are a job seeker who is looking for a transition from one career path to another. This tool helps to match your present skill set with new opportunities in the market which can be your new career path.


The analytics that is offered by LinkedIn includes various useful features such as people who visited your profile and identifying the job post for which you can be the top applicant. Along with that linking also offers to show your rank for the roles that you applied for and much more. You have to be a subscriber to the LinkedIn premium to avail of these services and speed up your job search to find the right job.



Indeed is the USA-based job portal and is active in multiple countries in the world along with India. Indeed has some easy-to-use filters such as job title, salary, location and company to help job seekers find the right job for them. The job portal also has a review feature for the companies. This way you can get an idea from reviews and ratings about the company you are applying for the job.


Indeed is free for job seekers to use and you can make and upload your profile to start applying for jobs in India. As Indeed has its presence in over 60 countries millions of jobs are posted there for candidates. Indeed also works as an aggregator website and displays all the jobs from the local job portals. Indeed can also be used to find Freelance opportunities and internships along with full-time jobs.


You can also use Indeed to compare salaries and see the average salary that is in the industry for a particular role. Additionally one of the best features offered by Indeed is that it also shows which city offerest you the best salary for a particular role. The features such as searching for jobs as well as salary comparison can be used without creating account on the portals. If you want to get an alert for a particular job or receive messages from the recruiters you have to create your own account on the portal.



Glassdoor is free to use job portal in India for job seekers. Apart from the job posts, the portal allows employees to post detailed reviews about the company. The reviews and ratings that are given by the employees and past employees on the portal help you decide if you want to apply for the company. This is a reliable source for job seekers to get a better idea about their prospective employers.


The platform gives you unbiased aspects such as the type of work, company culture, and the attitude of the management towards the employees. You can also get the idea about punctuality or delays in the salary by reading the reviews posted by the employees. The platform also helps to be better prepared for your interview as it allows those who appeared for the interview to post some of the interview questions.


Glassdoor is the must-visit website for job seekers as it gives you an authentic view of the company culture, career opportunities, and management as well as helps you understand if you are being paid as per industry standards.


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