5 Moves That Will Make You The Most Cunning And Confident Person In The Room

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Cunning And Confident
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Do you spend most of your time thinking about ways to gain confidence or are frantically looking out for tips and tricks to appear confident at your workplace?


Whilst true confidence might actually take some time to develop, but there are certain tips that would help boost your confidence to a decent level or say would help you appear confident among your peers.


So without much ado, let us uncover the 5 moves that will make you the most cunning and confident person in the room.


1. Listen More and Talk Less

Excess talking is a sign of insecurity that you give out to others around you. When insecure and nervous, it is quite easy to be that chatty person in a room.


Fact is that confident people prefer to stay mum and are humble in their approach. Here, a good trick to appear more confident is to ask broad-minded questions and provide the liberty to people around you to be thoughtful and contemplative. And when nervous and unsure as what to speak, seek for advice.


Though confident people are the ones who know lot about stuffs, but they always have a craving to learn more and they know that listening is the only way to understand and learn more.


So stop talking and pay more heed to listening and you shall witness your confidence climb new altitudes.


2. Aim the Spotlight on Others

Though you contributed to that recent project and drove your team to success and deserve most of the appreciation, but never seek the glory. In fact, you should shine that spotlight on others in your team.


This is because confident people and leaders do not care about compliments, as they are proud beings from within. They don’t seek glory and are aware of their achievements. Always look out for signs your people don’t like you anymore.


3. Solicit Help on a Frequent Basis

Several people have a common misconception that seeking assistance is an indication of weakness, which is completely a false notion.


Interestingly, confident folks are brave enough to admit their weakness. This is the reason they never hesitate when it comes to seeking assistance from their peers and co-workers.


4. Admit Your Mistakes

Yes, insecurity breeds in-authenticity, whereas confidence breeds righteousness and earnestness. This is the topmost reason why confident people accept their mistakes honestly and are often open about the same.


So don’t try to be someone that you are not. Simply put, don’t act pretentious. We all know nobody is perfect, so just try to be who you are. True confidence doesn’t come from disguise instead it is built when you have nothing to hide.


Giving a blind eye to your mistakes is an outlandish way of blowing up your reputation at work.


5. Volunteer, Always

Don’t seem to fit in a group? Not to worry, as it’s no big deal either and everyone goes through it. The best trick here is to make lives of folks in that group easier and you can do this by volunteering.


So step up and volunteer for something that others don’t want to or volunteer for some accolades-free tasks. This is how you win respect of people, which eventually boosts your confidence levels significantly.


Thus, it’s no rocket-science to become a person that everyone is envy of. All it takes is a true you and a shrewd approach towards your work and people.


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