Significance of Recruitment Software – Is it really important?

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Significance of Recruitment Software
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In today’s competitive business world, recruitment has become a wearying task. Recruitment companies are competing with each other neck-to-neck, to find the best potential candidate for their firms. For any job role, there are numerous applicants. Scrolling through all the applications to shortlist suitable candidates is time-consuming and dreadful.


The perfect solution to this nightmare is recruitment software. With the help of this software, your organization can automate maximum hiring processes, and can thus concentrate more on handling the company’s growth. Recruitment software is work-efficient and helps you in sifting through all the candidates and finding the right one.


Here are some reasons as to why recruitment management is essential for all companies-


Improves productivity

By using traditional hiring methods, HRs become confined to the workplace and must have access to paperwork or a computer. Using online recruitment software can boost HRs productivity enormously.


Most of the recruitment software includes cloud-based technology that allows the HRs as well as the employees to connect using their phones, and gives recruiters the flexibility to work from anywhere.


Social platforms reach

Online reach through social media platforms is immensely important in recruitment management nowadays. You can use various platforms to create job offers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.


Using online recruitment software expands your horizon to find potential candidates for your company. You can mention on your official page about the role and what its criteria are so that you don’t get applications for candidates who do not fit in the role.


Increases efficiency

While recruiting, it is important to have a prompt response time to communicate with potential candidates. Recruitment software allows you to communicate seamlessly to automate functions such as auto-respond emails. This can enhance your communication channel and keep the applicants in the loop.


Data collection

You can frequently use online recruitment software to obtain applications from a vast scale of sources such as your website or job portals. Additionally, you can use the software to attain useful data about the candidates and use them to make an informed decision about who all should be shortlisted.


Furthermore, you can obtain other useful data such as the response of the candidates, how many people have viewed your job advert and applied for it, etc. Recruitment software streamlines the flow of data provides you a plethora of information.


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Automated recruiting

Another amazing advantage- online recruitment software can remove the burden of handling the hiring process manually. A vast range of functions can be automated and can even be scheduled for a particular day and time. The automation of such tasks saves the time of the HRs and helps them in focusing on other important aspects of the company.


Round the clock availability

Traditional recruitment procedures are available only during work hours. Recruitment software helps you in accessing the data at any given time, this increases the productivity of the HR and they can reply to their candidates in real-time.


ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

By using a recruitment software system, all the activities of the candidates can be streamlined. The status of individual applicants can be accessed and attained easily. The calendar function helps busy HRs keep tabs on the upcoming meetings.


Many times, fake profiles or duplicate profiles are also created, these frauds can also be detected through the software. The attribute of referrals creates a seamless interface for both, the recruiter and the candidate.


Cut down of costs

As they say, money saved is money invested. Reimbursing every candidate for their interview is no more an issue, simply allow the online recruitment software to do the work for you. Even though there is the cost of installing involved, but it is a safe investment with fast returns. The money spent on vacancy advertisements and recruitment agencies can be avoided, as well as HR resources can also be decreased.



Worrying about losing data due to power cuts or corruption of data, is old news now. All your important data can be saved in the recruitment software system, so now you don’t need to skip a heartbeat every time there is any mishap with your precious data. Recruitment software creates a backup of all the data, and stores it in the cloud.


This also minimizes the paper and administrative work. The HR no longer needs to worry about theft or misplacement of important documents, as all the data is the software is password protected. All the data is stored in a mannerly and easy way.


Managing all the processes involved in recruitment manually, from shortlisting the candidates to bringing them onboard is a tedious task.


With a perfect recruitment software system like Pocket HRMS in place, HRs can easily automate most of the hiring procedures and find candidates who are best suited for that particular role.


To know more about the features of Pocket HRMS, contact us here.

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