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Restricted Holiday
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What are Restricted Holidays?

A restricted holiday is paid time off that is not mandatory, and the employee can choose if they want to take leave on the days. Restricted holidays are also known as optional holidays. The companies can operate on these days as these are not mandatory holidays. The employees can decide to take leave on the days from the list of Optional holidays curated by HR of the company.


The holiday list prepared in any organization is according to the Shop an Establishment Act of the respective state. According to this act some special days which have local or religious significance but not applicable to the every working professional is included in the list to restricted holidays.


This provision is made to promote cultural and religious diversity. In the diverse culture of the country, there are numerous festivals in different regions. Every festival does not have to be a nationwide holiday, but those for whom the day is significant should get the time off to celebrate.


On the occasion of the restricted holiday, the organization operate as usual, but employees can utilize the restricted holiday as their paid time off. The company’s list of holidays can have multiple numbers of restricted holidays for the year depending on various local cultural events as well as religious festivals. An employee is, however, choosing a limited number of days from the list.


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List of Restricted Holidays

Following is a list of restricted holidays in the year 2022 released by the central government of India. The restricted holidays are for the employee who belongs to the culture or to a religion that is known to celebrate particular festivals and can take leave on these restricted holidays.


How do restricted holidays for employees differ from gazetted holidays in India?

Restricted holidays are the ones that are optional holidays for an employee. These holidays can be taken on different occasions in the year. Whereas, gazetted holidays are mandatory holidays for the organizations or institutions such as banks, schools, as well as most businesses in the country.


Restricted holidays are beneficial for both the employee and the employer. It is a way where employees get to spend time with their loved ones and celebrate days that are significant to them. They don’t have to take leave on the day from their leave balance.


The employer also get benefitted from restricted holiday as they dont’t have to make its a holiday for the entire staff and the company can operate with the few employees on leave on specific days.


Sr. No. Name of Restricted Holiday Date
1 Lohri 13 January 2022
2 MakarSankranti/Magha Bihu/Pongal 14 January 2022
3 Shri Ganesh Jayanti 04 February 2022
4 Hazarat Ali’s Birthday 15 February 2022
5 Guru Govind Singh’s Birthday 16 February 2022
6 Maha Shivratri 01 March 2022
7 HolikaDahan/ Dolyatra/ Pessah (Jew) 17 March 2022
8 Jamat-UI-Vida 29 April 2022
9 Shavout (Jew) 06 June 2022
10 Rath Yatra 01 July 2022
11 Guru Pourima 13 July 2022
12 Nag Panchami 02 August 2022
13 RakshaBandhan/Narali Pournima 11 August 2022
14 Parsai New Year/Navroz 16 August 2022
15 Janmashtamni (Smarta)/Shri Krishna Jayanti 18 August 2022
16 Onam/Thiruonam Day 08 September 2022
17  AnantChaturdashi 09 September 2022
18 Ghatasthapana 26 September 2022
19  Rosh Hashanah (Jew) 27 September 2022
20 Dussehra (MahaAshtami) 03 October 2022
21 Dussehra (MahaAshtami) 04 October 2022
22  Yom Kippur (Jew) 06 October 2022
23 Shavout (Jew) 11 October 2022
24 Karaka Chaturthi (KarvaChouth) 13 October 2022
25 Simhat Torah (Jew) 19 October 2022
26 Govardhan Puja 25 October 2022
27 Balipratipada/Bhaidooj 25 October 2022
28 Guru TegBahadur’s  Martyrdom Day 24 November 2022
29 Dr. BabasahebAmbedkarPunyatithi 06  December 2022
30 Shri Datta Jayanti 07 December 2022
31 Hanukkah (Jew 19 December 2022
32 Boxing Day 26 December 2022

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