Instant Tips on Social Media Recruiting Strategy [2020]

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The year 2020 has been the year of remote working and working from home for almost every working person. Businesses have already learnt to tackle and survive the remote work challenges.


Remote workforce management, online leave management, and online payroll are learnt. But what about recruiting strategies? Have you cleared it too? Think once more!


Looks like searching jobs on dedicated job portals in India are slowing down with the passing years. Where are millennials? Social media! Go try out a shout on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and you will get thousands of accounts looking for jobs out there.



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It has been no new, that people have been using viral hashtags like #jobsearch or similar while attracting recruiters like you. Social media platforms have been very active in bringing recruiters and job searchers on the same page. Perhaps many businesses aren’t successfully utilizing the resource.



Here are some tips to recruit using your social media accounts:


  • Use common hashtags

Social media strategy is all about playing the hashtags. Using a trending hashtag can make your profile viral on the platform. Think about the reach you will get through it – all what you want! Prepare an attractive job post for the vacancy and while putting it LIVE, use trending or popular hashtags. Also, you can put Instagram stories with hashtags for targeted reach.



  • Page optimisation (keywords)

Optimize your social page in right manner. You can use hashtags of your products or service in your profile. People searching for job may use such factors to reach right company profile. Try to depict your positive vibes or events on the column which visitors would like to read/ see at the space.



  • Leverage your social-butterfly staff

Leverage the easiest resources you already have. Yes! Your workforce. With a team of even 50 on social media could give you the right reach and attract good amount of engagement to the job post. Tell your people to share the job vacancy with their connections. Employee referrals will keep this effective and running.


These were some well and tested methods to attract best talent using social media tools. Social media insights too help you track the efforts. Efficient recruitment management is no challenge for HR department!


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