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Background Verification Mail Format
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A thorough background check can be a nerve-racking process for both, the employer as well as the employee. Sometimes there can be a delay in getting the background check update. In this case, the candidate should be informed beforehand of the situation and when they will be updated.


Background checks can be daunting, and thus it is important that you keep the candidate informed at all times.

  • Keep the candidate warm
  • If in case there is a foreseen delay in the check, inform the candidate that it is due to external factors and not because you found something in the check update.
  • Stay in contact with them throughout the recruitment process to build a positive and healthy relationship


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What Is Included In The Background Check?

  • Reference check with previous managers to know about their work, behaviour, etc.
  • ID Verification
  • Document Verification (Qualification, Degree. Certificates)
  • Social Background Check
  • Previous Salary Check
  • Health Screening Check


Reason For Conducting A Background Check

There are many advantages of conducting a candidate background check such as-

  • Protects your company from hiring unsuitable candidates. Recruiting the wrong candidate can hamper the company’s credibility significantly. This process minimises the financial and legal risks associated with it.
  • The recruitment process is one of the most costly processes for any company. Finding a suitable candidate, then hiring them. It is better if the candidate is vetted as well, to ensure that the money doesn’t bite the dust.
  • It is an exhausting and lengthy procedure, but it is beneficial in the long run, especially if while hiring senior role candidates
  • With increasing reports of ID theft and discrepancies, you simply can’t rely on the CV and references provided by the candidate. Make sure you are conducting a thorough check to cross-check whether the information provided by them is completely true and authentic.
  • A company is also responsible for its employee’s actions. In the past, many cases of fraud have taken place in which companies have been misled by their candidates about their qualifications. A background check can eliminate the dent that your company’s credibility might suffer due to this.


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When Should The Background Check Be Conducted?

  • While hiring new candidates
  • While promoting an existing employee to a senior level
  • The ongoing hiring process to save the company from any risk or reputation damage
  • During Merger & Acquisition when you are hiring employees from the merged company


Email Template for Background Check Update of Candidates

Have a look at the formal template for background check below;


Dear / Hi [Candidate’s name],


Hope you are doing fine.


I wanted to update you that we [haven’t got the results of your background check from X yet / are facing delay with the background check]. We are expecting to finish the process by [mention date here].


I will contact you again as soon as I have any update regarding the same.


In the meantime, feel free to reach me via email or at [phone number], if you have any questions.


Best regards,

[Your name]

[Your email signature]


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