4 Tricks to Set up Fair and Transparent Appraisal System

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Transparent Appraisal System
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A lot of transparency issues involved in appraisal process make it complex and time-consuming. Hence, leaders and the human resource team need to dig deep to get the most out of it. The procedure is more than just monitoring strengths and weaknesses of your staff.

The performance appraisal process is very much important to evaluate employees’ performance as it projects their contribution in achieving company’s goals. Also, this procedure helps managers to set future performance expectations for employees.

Below are 4 smart tricks to set up a fair and transparent appraisal system, take a look;

  • Importance of KRA

Always give importance to KRA (key result area) while conducting the appraisal meeting. With this practice, employees get better understanding about which areas to focus on in the future. HR professionals also get an opportunity to build a plan to address an employee who is not performing up to the expectation.

  • Confidentiality of the procedure

It is a well-known fact that some employees don’t maintain the necessary confidentiality of the process.  As an HR, if you fail to maintain the confidentiality, then it will affect workforce in a negative way.

  • Use survey tools to get accurate feedback

Use the survey tools to make your employees understand that the company is working towards boosting potential in your employees. Ask seniors and peers to give feedback about an employee so that you can share it with him or her.

Encourage employees for self-appraisal by asking them to jot down their own accomplishments. It makes them self-aware of their own work level.

  • Invest in online appraisal system

The best way to make transparent and fair appraisal system is by investing in cloud-based performance appraisal software. It tracks employees’ performance on a regular basis and make sure that the best feedback from an authorized person reaches the software.

The system is designed to make this tedious task stress-free and more efficient. This solution has become the next big thing that makes HR life easier. To know more about this HRMS module, just write to us at sales@pockethrms.com.


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