4 Reasons Why Women Dominate the HR world

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Why Women Dominate the HR world
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Stats and facts first — Around 70% of the HR population (at the manager level) are women. This 70% is sub-divided as 40 and 30 in marketing firms and manufacturing firms respectively. Talking about my personal experience — There are a total of 3 HRs working at my firm and guess what? All of them are women! Cool! Isn’t it?


It is the only field with leadership quality as a must and also dominated by women. So what are the major causes that led to HR being a women forte? What kind of qualities makes women fit for this role? Let’s go through the 4 reasons why women dominate the HR world:


Reasons Why Women Dominate the HR world


1. Interpersonal Skills

Good interpersonal skills. Yes! Google it yourself -“Top qualities needed in HR”, it will be cleared then and there. To be a successful HR you really need to be social. Effective communication is a skill that they inherently possess.


An HR is required to communicate with a lot of candidates for interviewing purposes, reporting to subordinates, attending budget meetings, etc. And admit it — Women are much better than men when it comes to socializing.


2. Emotional Intelligence

Women are considered to have a better EI (Emotional Intelligence) score compared to men. Such quality in addition to being social gives you a plus point in the HR field. Good emotion control and being able to communicate better irrespective of your mental state paves you to HR success.


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3. Management Skills

The most obvious and basic requirement of an HR manager is? Of course management! And don’t say that you are not aware of the truth that, women are better than men at managing. What’s the expected outcome of effective management? Engagement. Right?


The maximum engagement of workers is seen with the maximum presence of females at the place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just what stats speak.


4. HR History

Here comes the actual cause of why women are dominating human resources. The root has been seen to be grown in the late 19th century — WWA (Welfare Workers Association) where female workers’ prime duty was to take care of other workers.


Later they started with recruiting other candidates as a non-prime duty and went on. Today you are a part of its evolution. Isn’t it interesting?


Well, these were just a small part of the causes of uneven distribution of gender in the HR department. There are many other reasons too that led to women getting attracted to this distinct profession.


There could be some more unsaid reasons as well which you might be knowing. So speak up to us at sales@pockethrms.com.


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