7 Ways to Support Muslim Employees During Ramadan

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Support Muslim Employees During Ramadan
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Ramadan, a famous and sacred festival of Muslims, is celebrated every ninth month of the Muslim calendar. This festival is extremely important for Muslims, who fast in the hours between sunrise and sunset.


Before sunrise and after sunset all the Muslim family or friends get together and celebrated Ramadan day by having their meal together. Special prayers, known as Tarawih take place during the month of Ramadan. It is offered along with the namaz of Isha and is the last prayer of the day.


In this blog, we will talk about some details on Ramadan and share some secret ways how to support Muslim employees during Ramadan.


Why do Muslims Celebrate Ramadan?

Before thinking about why Muslim fast during the month, let us discuss why Muslims celebrate Ramadan in the ninth month of the Muslim year. There are mainly three reasons why this month is important for Muslims and why they celebrate the festival in the ninth month every year.

  • The Quran was first discovered during this month.
  • Muslim beliefs the gates of Heaven are open this month.
  • They also believe the gate of hell is closed this month and the devils are caught up in Hell.


Moreover, they believe on this time they become closer to ‘Allah’. This month they mostly avoid telling lies, doing gossiping, fighting, etc.


This Ramadan time is of spiritual cleansing for Muslims. They do refrain from any food and drink (even water). They focus on meditation through prayer and suppress the desire of the body and feed the soul.


Celebrating Ramadan is not an easy task. Often people get sick and weak, during the fasting period. Though throughout the world, millions of Muslims fast during the month, besides they spend a normal life like going to the office or school, doing daily household work, etc. as well.


Often this will impact many Muslims at work. Every organization should support Muslim employees during their Ramadan period.  Not only the organization but as a co-worker, we should help them at any time required.


Here are some ways to support Muslims at work during Ramadan:


How to Support Muslims at Work During Ramadan

This month is challenging for Muslim employees working 8 hours every day. But it can be a little easier if an organization or other co-workers support them during Ramadan.


7 Ways to Support Muslim Employees During Ramadan


1. Be Understanding

Fasting during Ramadan can be challenging for Muslims, especially during work hours. Other employees should understand that they may be tired, hungry, or thirsty during the day. It can be totally okay if they work less than expected or fail to meet the target throughout the month. 


2. Be Flexible

What if you organize flexible work time this month? It is one of the best planning to support Muslim workers. Even if they request work from home or hybrid workstyle this month, you may approve them.


And if possible, try to offer flexible working hours to Muslim colleagues during Ramadan. It allows them to manage their work schedule around their fasting and prayer times.


3. Be Respectful

Respecting your Muslim co-workers’ religious beliefs and customs during Ramadan is essential. They mainly have their food morning and evening every day. So, if they request to leave early, it can be granted.


Avoid scheduling meetings or events during evening iftar (the breaking of the fast), and be considerate when planning work-related activities.


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4. Offer Support

Offer support and assistance to Muslim colleagues who may be struggling during Ramadan. During the daytime, they can’t have food even if they are hungry. So, you must not force them for food and water these days.


Providing access to a private space for prayer, offering to cover their workload during particularly difficult days, or providing access to food and drinks during iftar can be good options that can create a supportive environment.


5. Educate Yourself

Educating yourself about Ramadan can help you better understand and support your Muslim colleagues during this holy month.


6. Raise Awareness

You may know what Ramadan is and why it is celebrated; however, others may not. Members of your team think about how to wish someone a happy Ramadan, what to do in this phase or what not to do.


There are many options for providing awareness and celebrating diversity and inclusion during Ramadan. You can arrange a training session on Ramadan details or host fun engagement sessions like Ramadan Quizzes to test your colleague’s knowledge of Ramadan.


Not only Ramadan but providing proper training to colleagues on every religious festival is important. So that, everyone can support each other during the process. 


7. Provide Annual Leave Request

Understanding the Islamic calendar is lunar. The Muslims can’t know the exact date of Eid. Thus, the colleagues may apply for leave for Eid on short notice even if they request a range of 2-3 days off.


So, this time organization must be flexible with the leave application as during Eid, employees could apply for a leave of 2-3 days for visiting Eid lands or other places. A pragmatic approach and open dialogue with employees are the best way forward.


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What Happens at the End of Ramadan?

Ramadan will end with one of the biggest festivals of Muslims, Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day holiday. Each muslim family marks the celebration of Eid in its own way.


They celebrate with friends and family through good food, gift-giving, gatherings, visiting places, etc. This year, depending on the moon sighting, Eid will be on April 23 or 24.

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