4 Hottest Trends in HR Technology: Back to the Future

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Trends in HR Technology
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Technology has been playing a pivotal role in reshaping the way HR department performs for the past few years. So is HR beginning play to play an active role in steering the user adoption revolution? Yes, there are some exciting and emerging tech disruptions for the HR in the pipeline that would help hire, engage and retain talents.

Here’s our take on 4 hottest trends in HR technology to look out for:

     1. Cloud and Analytics are Cherries on the Cake

Cloud based HR software and intelligent analytics allow maintaining and collecting all the relevant HR data on a centralised hub providing easy access to the users 24×7 from any remote location. All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connectivity. It enables everyone to be on the same page in the organisation making it a fantastic human resources management tech tool.

     2. Social Media

Social media has traversed a long way since its inception and we all know it has lived up to all the expectations, be it keeping in touch with family/peers or voicing out your views or opinions to the world. For human resources department, social media for recruitment has become a norm these days whilst also assisting in employee engagement, talent management and branding. For instance, HR and hiring experts can skim through pools of talents on social media platforms with just a few clicks. They can also run their recruitment campaigns on popular social networking websites.

In fact, social media and Big Data if used aptly can work as an unrivalled tool for effective cohesion and communication across the organisation.

     3. It’s Mobile, Mobile everywhere

For the millennials or the Gen-Y workforce, desktops are fast turning to be a passé, as mobiles/smartphones have paved their ways in every aspect of our lives these days. This has given birth to a new phenomenon known as Mobile HR which when used effectively results in optimum employee management for human resource professionals. To connect with the right set of talents, HRs of the present era ought to embrace mobile-friendly technologies or tools such as mobile payroll or HR app. Simply put, it’s time to be where your employees are, and these days it’s mobile.

     4. Real-time Management thru IoT

IoT or Internet of Things make it possible to monitor the performance of workforce on a consistent and real-time basis making the job of HR and managers a lot easier. Underperformers can be traced in the nick of time or at an early stage. In fact, the standard and formal appraisal practice executed every six months is fast becoming obsolete these days. This is how IoT is turning out to be a game changer for HR personnel. Timely reviews and rewards play an important role in strengthening the employee-management relationships. To put it simple, real-time evaluation gives managers and HR people a clear picture of problem employees or underperformers, who are not a good fit for the company at a premature stage.


We are living in exciting times for leadership and HR. So it is time to brace yourself and see how these tech trends would shape up the HR department and its working. Though it’s not going to occur at a warp-speed, it certainly would make a huge difference once in practice.

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