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The HR technology ecosystem is growing and exploding at an exponential pace. New systems and tools to manage employee engagement, communication, workplace culture, etc. are making a lot of noise these days.

Fuelled with the ceaseless growth and innovation that the human resource technology landscape is witnessing, tech pundits are foreseeing a steep surge in disruptive

HR technologies in the near future and this article will discuss three such emerging disruptive HR technology trends on the horizon.

1. Cloud computing technology for HRM: Cloud computing is boundless and so are its use to the HR department. Yes, cloud-based HRMS software solutions are growing at a staggering speed taking over legacy and traditional tools and practices. These solutions are increasingly becoming more scalable, user-friendly, and affordable.

A cloud-based HR software empowers the human resource department of a company to perform extensive predictive analysis and workforce management. In fact, the cloud is reshaping the entire human resource department.

2. Appraisal and performance evaluation technology: Performance evaluation and appraisal is undoubtedly the core function of an HR department. Nevertheless, the process accompanies its own share of rules for performance evaluation and appraisal metrics.

Breakthrough in performance management practices such as an automated employee performance-tracking tool can help keep a tab on the efforts of an employee on a regular basis.

This will offer HR personnel with actionable data all through the year helping in speeding up the evaluation process. This certainly is a win-win situation for both employees as well as HR professionals.

3. Connectivity on the fly: With changing workplace protocols, multinational work culture, and worldwide client reach, businesses today are not confined to the conventional 9 to 5 set up anymore. In fact, people are working from everywhere and anywhere and at any time of the day.

Yes, with the inception of the cloud, one does not need to be physically present in an office premise, as things can be done from remote locations as well.

Thus, with a cloud time tracking software and connectivity on the fly, HR departments can track flexible work timings of employees even from remote locations with ease.

4. Smart recruitment: Pre-evaluation of potential candidates has been witnessing good traction in the recent past in the HR arena. On the other hand, businesses are craving to curb efforts, energy, resources, and time spent on hiring the best talents. This is paving way for emerging trends and technologies for pre-assessing potential hires.

One such trend is social media technology and applications that do not require businesses to bomb their budgets. Though this trend is yet to catch up with the expected pace, it is sure to garner it gradually in the near future.


On the whole, this is certainly the most exciting era to be in the field of human resources management, since these emerging HR tech trends would be reshaping the way we see HR.

In addition, these trends are sure to become a staple for businesses in the near future and HR professionals would need to embrace them to keep up with the pace and imminent challenges.

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