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Social Media Recruiting
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Social media recruiting is all about strategizing new ways to attract quality candidates and making strong connections with them.  Social media platforms are the new manifesto where people showcase their skills and talents, as well as express their ideas and interact with others.


With the availability of different social media platforms, people have the advantage to choose which platform they can connect to, and converse with people with similar interests and thinking. Like a city center, social media platforms have become the chief point for interaction.


Online sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, offer the recruiters a stupendous opportunity to interact with quality candidates, most of whom would not be found otherwise. Many organizations are trying to recruit candidates through various social media platforms, but not all are able to do it successfully.


In this blog, we have provided you with the key tips to keep in mind while recruiting candidates using social media-


Finding the Right Conversation-

The primary tip to recruit skilled candidates through social media is to cut through the noise and participate in the spot-on conversations. Staying active in LinkedIn groups, and posting the job offer with idyllic hashtags is an amazing way to let people know of the job opening in your company.


Candidates who can relate to your hashtags will end up applying for the role.


Importance of Niche Culture-

Nowadays everyone is on Facebook, from kids to grandparents. But don’t overlook the niche networks like Quora, Moz, etc. because sometimes you can find the best-suited candidate on such cultural platforms only.


Promote Your Culture-

Social media recruiting is much more than just posting job opportunities. You can share your work culture online to let people know what exactly your company represents. This will attract many candidates organically. Try to showcase what is different about your organization and your work cultures, as millennials are always looking for jobs with a unique work environment, and if they love it, they will share it with their friends as well, thereby increasing the popularity of your company.


Keep Your Recruiters Active on Social Media-

There is only so much that corporate accounts can accomplish. The recruitment management system of your company can make connections with the ideal candidates, but first, they should know the basics of all the social media platforms and be active on a regular basis.


Take Help from Employees-

You likely have social media buffs in your workplace. Use this to your advantage, by asking them to share job opportunities on their social media accounts. Although some organizations have strict rules when it comes to social media, encouraging your staff to share openings can stimulate the curiosity of an interested candidate.


LinkedIn Recruiting Tips-

LinkedIn is one of the major social media platforms to recruit candidates. Almost everyone with an established career has an account on LinkedIn. You can use this platform to pique the interests of active candidates and link connection with passive ones. You can use LinkedIn to hire talented candidates in a lot of ways like-


Make use of appropriate filters to find the ideal candidate. Since there is a large number of candidates on LinkedIn, recruiters can apply filters according to their needs to find the perfect candidate. For example, you can put filters and search by past and current company, years of experience, location, and numerous other factors that help you in finalizing the candidate who checks in all the boxes.


Complete your brand page fully. A company that has a page containing all the details that a candidate might search has an immense advantage. Job searchers will discover the page, see your work culture, know everything about your brand, and will apply if it is everything that they were looking for.


There are many talented and experienced people on LinkedIn searching for jobs. Don’t disrespect them by copying and pasting the same message for everyone. Add a personal touch to show them that they are valuable and that your company will be honoured to have an employee like them.


Importance of Your Company-

Your potential candidates should know everything about your company. Why it exists, what it does, and why they should join it. Be approachable, friendly, and unique, so that the candidate doesn’t think twice before applying.


Produce Quality Content-

The first thing that candidates ponder while scrolling through a company’s page is if they can visualize themselves working in that company. Feed their visualization with unique and quality content, pleasant visuals, and amazing descriptions. With the help of social media, you can upload videos of your office showcasing the office environment, the activities orchestrated, awards, and perks like an in-house gym or a huge cafeteria.


You can also use HR Software that can speed up your recruiting process by simplifying it. Automate your recruiting procedure by assigning pre-determined tasks to the new employees as soon as they join the organization, and get regular updates of their progress.


The thought that organizations can hire quality talent through social media platforms is not a gimmick anymore. It has now become an essential platform to recruit the candidate ideal for your company. Therefore, use the above-mentioned tips, and make the use of social media platforms to your advantage.


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