Top 8 Creative Ideas for Employee Appreciation

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Employee Appreciation
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‘Dedicated employees’ are the biggest asset of any companies because they make business grow and hence, employers should always consider them on the highest priority. Employee appreciation is an inspiring tool that should be practiced in every organization.


Staff of any company always wants recognition, especially from their seniors as they have a broader view of organizational goal. Gratitude and recognition build self-confidence of employees and reinforce a sense of purpose in them.


Below are the top 8 creative ideas to show employee appreciation:


1. Leave them a note!

This small gesture will surely go a long way. Brighten employee desk with flowers and a hand-written appreciation note for their dedication towards their work. It shows that the management is monitoring and paying attention to their job.


2. Give out awards or certificates!

Acknowledge employee’s best performance by giving them awards or certificates. It’s a great way to show employees you value them and prepare them for future success. If an employee shows interest in these types of rewards, then keep motivating their professional life.


3. Surprise treats!

Surprise your staff with yummy treats! Sometimes, employees skip their meal time to complete their tasks or seat late in the night to meet their deadlines, so appreciate their best work by arranging snacks and coffee for them. Show your employees that the company cares for them.


4. Gift them a plant!

It’s a well-known fact that office plants make the work environment more positive. The research suggests that greenery increases employee engagement by making them involved in work physically & emotionally. So, gift your best employee a plant for their workspace.


5. Write a blog post!

If your company has a blog section on a website, then writing an appreciation post on an indispensable team member will definitely make them feel recognized. Employee appreciation doesn’t always require expensive budget or extraordinary efforts.


6. Offer professional learning opportunities

Best employers inspire their staff to push their boundaries by enrolling them for online professional learning courses. Invest in their potential as this approach impacts employees really well and motivate them to increase their career graph. Taking active participation in their career development is a symbolic and generous gesture.


7. Provide them gift cards or gift vouchers!

This is one of the gifts that keep employee going!!! Sponsor ticket to a game, festival, movie, yoga classes, etc as it communicates that the company cares about employee’s personal life too. Gift vouchers are easily available for all services and products.


8. Offer attractive incentives!

When you hear the word employee recognition, the first word come to your mind will be an incentive. Announce your best employee a bonus when he or she achieves a big milestone. Undoubtedly, a great perk for employees!


The HR department is fully loaded with various HR functionalities, including attendance management, leave management, employee timesheet management, etc. So, you may miss out a chance to appreciate your staff in the best possible way.


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So let’s get started!!!

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