Pocket HRMS Product Updates 2023

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Pocket HRMS Product Updates 2023
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We are excited to a wonderful new year and endless possibilities it brings. Pocket HRMS is committed to continually provide our users better features and higher efficiency. Here are the highlights for the year 2023.



1. Attendance

➔ Auto Assign Shift

The system allows you to define a time range for IN and OUT punch for every shift. So, the system will automatically record employee’s Punch IN/ OUT for the nearest shift.


➔ Single Punch Attendance

When an employee arrives within their designated shifts and makes a single punch, the system automatically synchronizes their IN/OUT punch against the designated shift.


➔ OT as per working hours

The users now can set the minimum working hours for the respective shift to be eligible for the overtime.


➔ Simplified Break Shift Report

The reports enable you to download the details for multiple IN-OUT punches. The system intelligently assigns the first punch as IN, the second punch as OUT, making it easy to interpret attendance records where we break working shifts into small bunches of working hours such as in the hospitality industry.


➔ Deadline-Oriented Attendance Requests

You can now set a deadline for the number of days after which employees can’t request Regularization/On duty.



2. Leave

➔ Optimized Leave Overview for Strategic Leave Planning

New leave tracker report gives a snapshot of crucial’ leave data such as opening and closing leave balances along with numbers for leaves credited, used, and debited in a single report.


➔ Flexi-configuration for Leave Credits

With this enhancement, you can set varying frequencies for different leave types. In addition to that you can also set leave credit with constant or varying count.



3. Recruitment

➔ Simplified Talent Management

The skill repository serves as a centralized database for storing information about the skills of employees. This makes it easy for HR managers and other relevant stakeholders to access and update skill-related information in one place.


➔ Personalize Job Data

Admin can generate custom fields that will seamlessly appear on the Job Details page streamlining the process of adding more job-related details


➔ Smart AI in recruitment

Pocket HRMS enables you to use smart AI to generate job description, interview questions with a single click. You can also get quick resume summary and enjoy the ease of resume parsing.


➔ LinkedIn Integration in Recruitment

Pocket HRMS enables you to link company’s LinkedIn profile to publish job postings as well as unpublish the job postings.



4. Appraisal

➔ Bell Curve

This feature empowers informed decision-making, helping identify areas for improvement and recognize top performers in the workforce. The Bell Curve showcase employee performance and potential ratings.


Rating Normalization allows adjustments various workforce segments. The calibrated curve is visible under predefined conditions. The HRMS software also offers three views – Expected Bell Curve, Actual Graph, and Calibrated Curve.



5. Payroll

➔ Fast-Track Stop Payment Entries

The feature simplifies the process of adding stop payment entries in bulk allowing you to import these entries in bulk.



6. Expense

➔ Expense Cycle in Expense

Admin can establish specific expense ranges and due dates for reimbursement claims, and it restricts employees to request claims outside that.

The system also allows to set exclusive expenses, and automatically restricts claims for expenses that are blocked against that particular expense type.



7. Learning

➔ Revolutionize Employee Learning

The learning module is a comprehensive training management system designed to facilitate efficient training creation, training assignment, session scheduling, self-assignment, and certificate generation for users. It streamlines progress monitoring and reporting process enhancing the learning experience for all the stakeholders.



8. Integration

➔ WhatsApp Integration

The integrations allow you to notify employees in the language they prefer. With this integration you can send pay slips, approve various requests such as leave, on duty and regularization directly from WhatsApp.


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