Pocket HRMS Product Update August 2023

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Pocket HRMS Product Update August 2023
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We’re excited to introduce a powerful new update to Pocket HRMS that will greatly benefit our users. The introduction of these updates showcases our commitment to continually improving and refining Pocket HRMS for better user experience and productivity.


Enhancing Privacy and Transparency through CC and BCC Fields

Now you can use CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) fields in HR letters. These fields allow additional recipients in an email improving communication by ensuring that the right people stay informed. It also increases efficiency allowing you to send a single email to multiple recipients saving time and effort.


CC helps to keep everyone in the loop, sharing information widely, or documenting who has been informed about a specific matter. It is a great tool to build accountability for being informed.


BCC offers an extra layer of privacy keeping recipients email addresses and identities hidden from the other recipients. This is valuable when sending sensitive or confidential information. Recipients in the BCC field won’t receive replies from other recipients, reducing email clutter of unnecessary responses.


Simplified Break Shift Report

The reports enable you to to download the details for multiple IN-OUT punches. To maintain accuracy and consistency in tracking attendance, the Total Punch Count should be even. The system intelligently assigns the first punch as IN, the second punch as OUT, and so on, making it easy to interpret attendance records.


That increases comprehensiveness as it includes fields such as productive hours, permitted hours, additional hours and short hours. That results in simplified monitoring working hours. The report becomes especially important for companies where we break working shifts in the small bunches of working hours such as in hospitality industry.


1. Productive Hours

The column makes it seamless to track and calculate the total working hours of each employee, providing number for total working hours through various shifts.


2. Permitted Hours

The value indicates the ideal working hours for the employees. That makes it easier to understand if employee are adhering to the assigned shift hours.


3. Additional Hours

This field helps shows value for extra hours employee worked, making it easier for you to identify and compensate their effort.


4. Short Hours

Detect differences between the permitted hours and actual productive hours. This can be crucial for addressing attendance issues and improving scheduling accuracy.


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Flexibility in Leave Remark

In the leave configuration page, you make it mandatory or keep it optional for employee to mention ‘Leave Remarks’ to submit leave request providing you better flexibility over the leave request process.


➔ Mandatory Leave Remark

It promotes transparency in the leave request process helps in making informed decisions regarding approval.  It improves communication as managers can discuss any potential issues or concerns related to the leave request.


➔ Optional Leave Remark

This simplifies leave request process and make it more user-friendly and less cumbersome for both employees and HR personnel. It also shows respects to employee’ s privacy which can lead to a more positive work culture and higher job satisfaction.


Insightful IN and OUT Reports

Now you can look in to the IN and OUT details of employees with the Detailed Report and Status Report. The four new columns In Location, Out Location, Attendance, and Status enhances understanding and status report makes it easier to take a glance.


The Detailed Report provide more comprehensive insights into attendance as it shows you data for columns In Location, Out Location it makes it easier to monitor if the employee were at the location that they were expected to be.


Detailed Attendance Report

Pocket HRMS upgraded all types of report within the attendance report wizard with new insightful columns such as working hours, attendance and status.


1. Working Hours

This column shows the cumulative duration of hours worked for each recorded attendance entry. The working hour column allows HR and management to track employee attendance more closely.


This can help identify trends such as late arrivals, early departures, or excessive absences, enabling proactive management interventions. It also makes it easy to identify overtime done by the employee.


2. Status

The “Status” column shows the attendance status marked as ‘Present’, ’Absent’ or the other relevant status accordingly.  The “Status” column allows you to track employee attendance by quickly glancing at this column.


3. Attendance

The “Attendance” column showcases the attendance status in short abbreviations for each individual entry, for example; FH/Leave Type/Shift Name – FH/CL/GS. This gives you details on shift they are working in or additional information such as if employee is working outside the office.


Similarly, the attendance column also shows the type of leave the employee is taking with abbreviation which can help in workforce adjustment immediately.


Over Time can be Claimed as Comp Off

Now you can allow your employees to accumulate their overtime working hours on weekends to be claimed as compensatory time off or comp off. That way employees can get a comp off when they complete set number of overtime hours.


Enhanced Control Over Leave Request

The Leave Lock Feature is a valuable addition to our leave management system that empowers administrators to enhance control over employee leave requests.


When the “Leave Lock” checkbox is enabled in the leave configuration settings, it introduces a set of restrictions and options that govern how employees can apply for leave within the defined leave cycle. This feature provides flexibility while ensuring compliance with organizational leave policies.


AI-based Smart Attendance Tracking with Pocket HRMS

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