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Payslip is one of the most crucial pieces of information for employees, since it includes details pertaining to their salary, important pay deductions such as professional tax (PT), TDS, provident fund (PF), etc.


This is why it is imperative for HR personnel to generate accurate payslips and on time. Pocket HRMS, a comprehensive and end-to-end cloud based HR and payroll solution provides a very useful configurable feature for generating payslips for employees of both small as well as big scale enterprises.


A payslip is offered in both hard and soft forms. The slip contains a breakdown of all kinds of deductions, earnings, etc. The structure of payslips may vary from company to company and also on the rules applied over the employee’s salary structure within an organisation. The salary structure is usually segregated into many components like HRA, medical insurance, PF or provident fund and much more. It defines the salary structure of an employee, which is different in every organisation.


A payslip or salary slip format should include the following information:

1. Gross pay or full payment amount before any tax deduction

2. Total amount for any fixed deductions

3. The total take-home amount

4. The amount and method for any part payment of wage


Nevertheless, this again varies from company to company and thus, the information to be disbursed on a payslip depends on your organisation or employer.


Pocket HRMS allows you to generate customised payslips, since it offers the users with easy drag and drop options. With such helpful functionality, users get to customise the header, earnings, deduction and footer part of the payslip with ease.


They can generate category-wise payslips as well. Since different organisations have multiple and diverse categories such as staff, housekeeping etc. Nevertheless, with Pocket HRMS, you can achieve all these very easily.


Further, the solution organises a decluttered and clean office hierarchy allowing easy access to employees of every department to salary info, payslip and other important details regarding tax deductions.


The most exciting and needed feature offered by Pocket HRMS is that employees get password protected payslips offering high-level security and confidentiality of employee pay details.


So these are a few useful features of Pocket HRMS, which are intended to help start-ups as well as SMEs in one of the most essential aspects of payroll processing i.e., payslips generation, disbursement and management.


To know more about how Pocket HRMS can simplify the entire payslip processing experience for your HR personnel and business, reach out to our customer support team here.


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