Job Hopping or Loyalty — what pays better?

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Feeling stuck? Cannot decide whether it is safe to switch or should stay with what you got? Today we will discuss some factors revolving around decisions like job hop or being loyal. Stats and facts first — The average tenure of service in the same firm is around 10 years for workers with age of more than 55. While the same for the workers under the age of 35 is not more than 2 years. Therefore, millennials have been observed as the job-hopping generation. But why? What are they looking for always? Is it for a varied career? Or are they confused about what should they go for? Could be anything.


One of the best points for candidates who hop between jobs is salaried growth. Because one will not switch their job unless and until the other company pays a figure higher than what you are earning currently. Also, companies have been seen accepting such candidates with good hike due to their connections and immense knowledge. Since the candidate has worked with a number of companies, they must be aware of the functioning of all those companies and would be a great asset for the new one.


Despite the benefits, there are few cons too. What if the HR of company you are trying to woo has asked, “Why should we trust you?” You have been already switching jobs frequently. How will you counter this question? Be prepared for such instances.


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One of the biggest benefits of serving the same company for long years could be gratuity earning. The figure is never less than a lakh (depends on the last salary drawn and tenure of service). Also, after staying with same firm you tend to reinvent your skills and yourself. You grow within the company and are considered as the pillar for the same. Therefore by constantly hopping, this opportunity is lost. Being loyal you also tend to become apple for your boss’ eye and master your professional skills comparatively faster.


Working in companies with different goals and environment gives you a broader perspective and choices. It’s like ‘Speed dating!’ Working and testing your compatibility with different companies gives you a good range of choices. After you come across the best compatible workplace, stay and build your career. Simple! While getting stuck to the same company gives the same type of challenges, the same expectations, and hence less growth.


Even though there are countless advantages and disadvantages to both sides, neither of them is wrong. Whether you choose to stay in the same company looking at factors such as traveling, salary, allowances, extra benefits, self-service portals, etc. or hop between different companies, it’s your choice.


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