HR Diaries: How to deal with a layoff?

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Many HR professionals would rather go for an excruciating root canal session than laying off their staff. Yes, layoffs are often difficult and can trigger distress and insecurity in any workplace.


Downsizing becomes a necessity for companies to survive during challenging times, but goofing up this process can transform an already bad situation into a grueling one.


Here are a few HR tips to deal with layoffs:

1. Understand the fact that layoffs are a painful thing to go through for all the people involved. Yes, layoffs are distressing for everyone. This is why HR managers and leaders should never smile through the process because doing so could demean the feelings of employees.


Realize that layoff is hurtful for employees who are being laid off and also for the ones who are staying, which makes it more difficult for HR managers to cut through.


2. Elucidate all the problems your company has been facing and the reasons for laying off the staff. This should boost up the trust of other employees, who are staying. HR managers should always stay objective when laying off employees. Be mindful of the words you say about downsizing.


3. The layoff ought to be well planned always. HR managers should address every minute detail to the employees. In addition, human resource professionals need to help business leaders and managers in determining how the positions would be selected and finalize the strategies of restructuring.


Most importantly, HR managers ought to rope in expert legal consultancy to learn about any legal implications or risks involved in the lay-off. Consider the type of experience, skill-sets, and talent for future recruitment.


4. Irrespective of the reasons that led to the layoff, management, and HR leaders ought to come to a consensus and move ahead as a team. At any cost, managers should avoid the blame game. The aim of the leadership and HR management team should be all about delivering a clear message to the staff pertaining to the distressing organizational change.


5. Treat every employee to be laid off with respect. It is important for HR managers to treat every employee with the respect he/she deserves. Remember every employee to be terminated deserves a meeting with the management in person to ease the transition.


This calls for optimum engagement and communication between employees and management right from the start.


6. Lastly, yet importantly, ensure to have a full and final settlement payroll software to compute all the recoverable and dues for a smooth exit procedure.


HR managers ought to be pro in executing layoffs to make sure that the affected employees are treated with all due respect and that they receive the required support to make the transition smoother for both the parties.


If HR leaders handle the entire layoff process in an organized manner, they in a way strengthen their commitment towards the remaining workforce.


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