How IoT can be a game-changer for HR?

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Initially, HR and the Internet of Things (IoT) do not seem to go hand-in-hand. However, things have turned out a lot sugary, as a good number of HR leaders and managers are foreseeing a surge in the use of the Internet of Things in the near future.


What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The term “Internet of Things” mainly refers to the exploding numbers of connected and smart products. These can be anything from thermostats to smartphones and smartwatches to fitness trackers and drones to appliances.



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So how IoT can turn tables for HR?

Today, employees walk in for work with high-speed Internet connectivity at their fingertips in the form of smartphones or with smart devices strapped onto their wrists. This infers a highly connected workforce. These smart devices can access as well as share data via the Internet. IoT is a new phenomenon where our everyday objects can communicate and connect through the Internet and this is what the HR managers and leaders ought to spare a thought for.



The IoT thump would be long-term

Though the implications of IoT for human resources management are broad, HR managers and employers ought to channelize their attention on the potential impacts of this recent phenomenon on HR practices, employees, and their organizations.


For instance, IoT can help the project-planning tool to communicate a company’s hiring requirements to its recruiting system or department directly. The experience and skills of candidates can be matched automatically to the requirements and new recruits can receive the offer on their mobile devices.


Likewise, real-time data fetched with the IoT could assist companies to better manage and optimize their staffing requirements. For instance, an employee working on shifts can be automatically notified via a text on his/her mobile device when to clock out. Similarly, exact clock in and clock out times of employees can be tracked automatically leading to error-free calculations of work hours eventually resulting in accurate payroll processing.


Most importantly, IoT can provide performance data of employees in real-time to employers and HR managers simplifying the entire performance evaluation and appraisal process making it streamlined and accurate. Yes, automated performance appraisal software is sure to become a true companion for HR people.


With the assurance of increased HR automation, the Internet of Things can facelift a company’s workforce. To conclude, we can say that IoT is a new ballgame altogether and HR professionals need to brace themselves up for the game and stay attuned.


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