Future Challenges for Leadership and HR – what lies ahead?

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As businesses are moving at warp-speed and steep growth in the inception of new technologies and trends that are driving businesses ahead, the future of HR and leadership certainly has many challenges to overcome. Here are some major challenges for HR and leadership.


1. Recruiting and Retaining Talented Employees: Industry experts believe that in the next few decades to come, major battle will be retaining talented and well-performing employees. Moreover, the situation would turn grave to identify and reward the actual performers, because of the growing competition and market conditions. Thus, there needs to be collaborated efforts to help create loyalty between employees and organisation.



2. Developing Future Leaders: With top performing employees, organization are facing a challenge as how to build the future pillars for the business. However, rising employee turnover rate is leaving the recruiters with sleepless nights and a real tough time in the implementation of practices to improve employee engagement and make them stay for long. HR people would have a concern of building the next path for organizational leaders.



3. Fruitful and Co-operative Organisation Culture: Organisation culture has now become one of the challenging factors. Elevating business demands make employees work more to grow, expand and help the business sustain in today’s volatile market. This paves for taxing deadlines and targets leaving the employees exhausted thus, affecting the organisational culture significantly.



4. Leading Talent to Organization: During any recruitment drive, a candidate’s objective is to sell himself/herself to the recruiters. Similarly, recruiters also need to sell themselves before the candidates. Talent shortage is making every organisation strive to bring in the best talent. Recruiters feel that it is the need of the hour to create a company culture aimed towards attracting the best candidates.



5. Human Capital Investments: One of the biggest challenges would be acquiring human capital and regulating human capital investments intelligently. This holds true to certain extent, because the most arduous challenge would be attracting the best employees and retaining the same. For this, HR professionals ought to come up with talent management strategies devised towards attracting, retaining as well as rewarding the best employees. Nevertheless, what can leaders and HR managers do for countering the forthcoming skills shortage and ensure to hire the right candidates?



Here is a checklist to help you out…

1. Flexible Work timings: Millennials like to work in flexible set-ups and thus, major focus should be on getting results and not on working in a traditional environment i.e. fixed working hours. Ensure that it does not disrupt the organisation discipline, but in fact, allows the employees to work the way they want and deliver better productivity. This can be a win-win situation for leaders, HR and millennials.


2. Transparent Culture and Leadership: Employees demand it greatly. Many organisations fail to establish a transparent culture and communication medium affecting employee morale and dedication towards work. The future calls to get rid of communication barriers.


3. Better prospects and compensation: There is need to have a sound growth plan for employees. Recruiters need to work hard to attract real talent to stay ahead of their counterparts.



Recruitment process is the first encounter of candidates with an organisation and thereby, it needs to be executed appropriately. The candidate ought to feel elated on joining the organisation. Apart from other factors, one important aspect is that of technology. It is the era of cloud and businesses ought to keep up with the trending technology. Brace yourselves for the future of recruitment is here for a smoother recruitment experience like never before.



To know more about how business leaders and HR mangers can leverage the power of advanced technologies such as cloud technology to stay ahead of the race, click here. We would like to hear from you at sales@pockethrms.com


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