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An employee applying for a holiday, or a leave is a standard regime that happens in all the organizations. Navigation of the leave management system without a proper leave management process can be tedious.


When you are equipped with only conventional tools like, emails, paper forms and excel sheets, your chances of accuracy are very low. Even a minor mistake can cause a huge disaster, like payroll processing errors, resource crunch and legal complications.


Even the highly used google forms, can make minor mistakes, and lack the efficiency to operate some important leave management issues. All such non-competent tools just lower the productivity and efficiency of the employees.


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A leave management software automates the process of leave requests, making it trouble-free for the employees, as well as the management. The leave management system that you choose should be sturdy enough to easily handle all the stages constituted in an employee leave management process, namely, filing leaves, application, rejection/approval, analysis, and managing remaining leaves.



There are various features of the E-Leave Management System like-


Employees can view their remaining leaves and also have a check on their co-worker’s holiday before applying for any leave. HR staff and supervisors generally have access to the employee holiday lists, leave balance, and workforce coverage to make informed decisions.



Configurable Framework

Procedures and policies vary from company to company. A rigorous online leave management system with “one size fits all” might not be for you. Look for software that lets the staff personalize the fields according to the policies and needs of your company.



Automatic Updating

Buying a leave management software is of no use if your HR has to still compare and update the leave balance of the employees manually. The attendance management system must keep a track of the leaves of all the employees, as well as display it to both the manager and the employee.



Easy Integration

Purchase software that offers seamless and trouble-free integration, with the hr management software for timesheet management, payroll, etc. This will increase efficiency by saving time and enabling cross-function reporting.




If the leave management software is cloud-based, it will not only offer on-the-go and multichannel access but also get rid of hassles like updates and software installation. The employees can reject, apply, or approve the leave requests from any place, at any time.


Hence, a leave management system is an all-in-one software that can handle all the leaves, while ensuring that the workflow is not hampered.



Advantages of E-leave System



Imagine your employees can punch in/out or apply for a leave from any place and also view the status on their dashboard. Additionally, the supervisors can layout approvals, and the payroll teams can retrieve the leave data to calculate the salary, without having to wait for emails. An online leave management system like this can be a boon for your HR.


This is a time where remote work has become mainstream, getting rid of physical obstructions to leave management system is a must.



Flexible Payment

Employee leave management system which are not present in clouds can turn out be expensive for companies in the long haul, with upgrades, labor costs, unused capacity piling up. On the other hand, the leave management system which is cloud-based, allows the company to go from fixed pricing to an additional flexible pay-as-you-go system, where they can scale according to their needs, and pay only for the used resources.


This is advantageous for booming organizations and those that consist of fluctuating or a seasonal workforce.



Enhanced Analysis

Leave Management Software usually come with in-built analytics capability, which is delivered through scorecards and dashboards. Such tools help in viewing and analyzing the leave records of the employee and compare their data with other acting factors to foresee the satisfaction scores, employee performance, impact of leadership, etc.


These insights can turn out to be a goldmine organization which is people-centric, to improve performance metrics, and employee retention.



Minimize Fraudulent Claims

Organizations have a hard time streamlining and verifying their travel remuneration process. Trouble-free integration with multiple devices and platforms, a cloud-based leave tracking system can identify and track mode of travel, location, distance in real-time, and based on that calculate the remuneration owed to the employee, and also minimize fraudulent cases.



Automatic Upgrades

Shifting your leave management system to the cloud, booms self-serving capability for the employees, as well as the HR heads. The employees can view their leave status on the dashboard, the HR can add or delete components on the portal without the help of the IT department.


Also, updates can be easily rendered in the cloud-hosted system, without any extra charges, in contrast to the on-premise software where installing updates is a time taking and a cost-intensive chore.



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