Disrupting HR Trends and why it’s a Good Omen?

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Disrupting HR Trends
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The ones in the HR industry who are yet to initiate the leap to SMAC aka social, mobile, analytics, and cloud, it’s time to hit the floor. This is because disruptive tech trends are reshaping or rather we should say redefining the way HR department works.


It’s quite clear that businesses ought to embrace novel means to survive in today’s cutthroat environment. As such, legacy and traditional means or tools are paving way for data-driven and novel solutions focused on user-friendliness.


As we know the HR department plays a pivotal role in an organization since it assists in empowering the company. Thus, it’s high time for HR to foray into the digital era.


So here’s how technology is changing the face of HR:

     1. Smarter Hiring and Employee On-boarding

Today, social media has transformed the entire course of sourcing and recruiting talents. It offers an easy means to reaching out to a large pool of audience out there. The platform is also of great assistance for promoting brands and showcasing skills and talents for a business.


It’s not just about recruiting the best talent out there, as it also simplifies the on-boarding process to a great extent. Gone are the days of traditional on-boarding practices. Bid adieu to those tiring and lengthy process of employee on-boarding. This is possible with the inception of HR apps and tools that help in seamless communication.



     2. Training, no more a Hassle

Gone are the days of exhaustive and lengthy PowerPoint presentations for training your employees or new recruits. The reason being online and digital learning solutions provide the liberty of training your employees on the go. On the other hand, employees get to choose the pace of training, when and what they wish to learn.



     3. Spot-on Predictive Analytics around the corner

Yes, predictive analytics is all set to up the game for HR. As such, HR managers and leaders would be able to lay their hands on a gigantic pool of data pertaining to their people. This would require HR professionals to imbibe strong analytical skills to seed as well as decipher this data to help receive valuable insights and devise robust employee management strategies. This would come in handy when it comes to employee retention and engagement for human resource professionals.



     4. Performance management

Several organizations have already begun to substitute traditional and tedious annual performance reviewing practices with real-time and automated performance appraisal software solutions. This automated practice is about to take a huge leap in the near future with small businesses and start-ups joining the bandwagon as well. Imagine a world where performance management software would offer real-time and unbiased peer-to-peer reviews and feedbacks whilst allowing employees to set their own performance goals.


All the tech trends discussed above would serve as enhancements for the HR department or productivity boosters and if utilized well could help make your HR department nuclei of productivity and operational efficiency whilst adding tangible value to your business.



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