Did your new recruit back out at the last minute? Here is what to do.

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new recruit back out
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Hiring is one of the most tedious tasks that not only involves a lot of effort, but also is filled with its own set of risks. One of the major risks is that the candidate does not join the office on the appointed date or fails to turn up. This puts the HR back to square minus all the time, money and efforts that have gone in filling the position. While there is no assured way that you can control this, you can minimalize the effects to certain extent by some methods:


  • Find a backup even before candidate joins: Usually, HRs line up a number of candidates when a position opens up in the company. This gives a chance for the HR to find a backup even if the position has been offered to someone else. In the event of the original candidate not joining, the HR can get the backup to join without much loss in days and without going through the whole process of finding someone again. Again, this can prove to be a double-edged thing if the backup too has accepted offer of another company and is not available to join. Backups should usually be people who are serving their notice period and have some time before they can join any company giving the guarantee that the backup is available to join soon.


  • Restructure Appraisal process: Appraisal is an important time for an employee, as he not only gets his yearly bonus, but also a raise in his salary. This is looked upon him as a reward for striving hard through the year to benefit the company monetarily or as a leader in the market. However, appraisals also give way to discord between employees and the company. Not happy with their appraisal, they may leave the organization on a bad note. To avoid this, the HR can introduce a quarterly based appraisal system. This will keep the employees motivated and on their toes. Companies that have employed this method have seen a very low attrition rate. This can be a major attraction for a new employee, hence, assuring that he joins the organization.


  • Employ Psychoanalysis test: Psychoanalysis tests like those that of aptitude and personality tests are now being employed by companies to make sure that they have their desired candidate. This comes handy in companies that have branches globally or need to pool their resources worldwide. Making use of such tests on a regular basis will help the company get an idea about their potential candidates. These tests help the HR see in depth about the individual and can gauge from them their commitment to the job.


  • Introduce Mutual Agreement Bonds: Bonds incite a resentful feeling everyone especially freshers, who in many companies need to sign a bond for at least a year. Sometimes the reason that a person is not joining the company can be because of the bond or any legal requirements. In these cases, the HR can introduce novel concepts like mutually agreeable bonds wherein both the parties can initiate breaking of the bond if they are not satisfied with the job or the performance of the employee. This helps in creating a sound process rather than everyone being held up embarrassing.


  • Make a pool of ex-employees: Like every college has an alumni cell which the college uses for various motives like sponsorship, guidance, possible employment of current students, etc. making it easier to go back to them in need. In the same way, a company can create their own pool of ex-employees. This will help them to float openings in the group and if anyone wants to join back, it will be easier to assess them since the company already knows the person. This will also lead to increase in goodwill of the company and help HR create an extensive pool of talent.


  • Promote internal hiring: Many companies do have referral programs wherein they give cash prizes or rewards to employees whose reference is selected. This hiring method have been effective and gives guarantee about the background of the person. However, there is another way that an HR can fill the positions by – Internal hiring. Many employees may feel that their job is a routine one where they are not getting any exposure or simply want to learn something new. The pool is effective if the company has multiple branches. HR can post openings in the common portal and conduct a job fair wherein anyone desiring to learn more about the open position and requirement can participate. This helps HR in retaining talented employees and having a ready talent. Loyalty and long term employment is what the company benefits out of motivating such retaining methods.


From above, we come to understand that an HR has a number of tasks to keep an organization running without hiccups. Using an HR software will make the tasks of HR easier and help them focus on better employee engagement. Pocket HRMS takes HR software much ahead by introducing chatbot – smHRty that helps declutter the HR desk by handling first level enquiries. For more information, send a mail to sales@pockethrms.com for more details.

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