Arpita Dasgupta shares HeR story | Women’s Week 2021

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Arpita Dasgupta
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“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We would like to take this opportunity to cherish the efforts, determination, and wins of all the wonderful women whose success has established and elevated the importance of women’s day.

We had the pleasure of having a word with one such astounding woman, Ms. Arpita Dasgupta, the head of HR at TechNEXA Technologies Pvt Ltd. When asked about what drives her, Arpita passionately replied- “My objective as an HR leader is to ensure an engaging, exciting, and enriching work environment in my Organization with a hawk-eye on the best practices of an evolving industry.”

HRs are the backbone of every company and without them, the company could simply come to a standstill. While the job in itself could lead to hectic work life, women still play a huge role in the family life of society. Needless to say, it is even harder for women who have to maintain this balance between work and family. But having said that, Arpita manages to do everything seamlessly.

When asked what are her achievements that she is proud of, she said- “As a ‘talent architect’ my achievements include recruiting, training, and retaining the best talents in the industry. Enhancing employee engagement, bridging gender inequality in job profile, compensation, benefits, and related HR tasks.

It has always been my delight to see the fresh talent getting to nurture their skills and knowledge with regular training and development sessions that allows them to climb up the ladder of accomplishments. Moreover, the good talents with immense intent to do their best and often eagerly look forward to grabbing some opportunity to bloom best in their career.

They are rightly selected and groomed with proper guidance and mentoring. To connect and align in between the organization’s objective and the pool of talents, motivating them for their best performances, have been some of my satisfying feats.”

Just like any other strong and independent woman, Arpita has also had her share of roller coaster rides. When asked how she managed to overcome them, Arpita confidently said- “Managing the talents of varied personal traits on a single platform and aligning them with the Organization’s goal is not a very simple task. It has always been my truest effort to knit the beads in a single string and structure it properly, with transparency and clarity on the career development path.

Several HR interactive/ counseling sessions have a good impact on the synchronization of the different unparalleled voices into a single note. A five years old organization often struggles with the challenges of onboarding the right fit. Employer branding has been the strategy to overcome the challenges.

With a positive attitude and amicable approach, nothing can cause any major hindrance to employee engagement, involvement, and interpersonal bonding, thereby ushering an era of pronounced growth, holistic prosperity, and organizational success.”

To sustain a positive and healthy workplace, foster inclusion and diversity, while encouraging collaboration and cooperation become essential for any HR manager. Who else to do it better than a woman who has the superpower to manage everything? Just like Ms. Arpita Dasgupta!



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