8 Gestures HRs can use to make a Huge Impact on Employee Happiness

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Employee Happiness
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Several entrepreneurs and HR leaders go for that once-a-year expensive outing or binge party to drive employee happiness. Unfortunately, there are a number of common myths business leaders have about employee engagement.

So if you too are running short of ideas on how to add a dash of happiness among your workforce, then here are eight small gestures that HR managers and entrepreneurs can put to use to drive workplace happiness.

    1. A pastry affair

Yes throwing a pastry party every weekend for your staff would surely fetch you those smiles and giggles. Here, HR professionals can come up with a new variation of pastry every time to make the pasty affair more intriguing and engaging.

     2. Brofists always work

Ask all the senior personnel in the office to compliment the usual good morning with a fist bump. This is sure to boost the morale of the entire workforce.

     3. Handmade greeting cards

Nothing works great than a handmade greeting card from a team leader to his teammates for a job well done or festivity.

     4. Surprise goodies or cards

HR professionals ought to understand that Secret Santa is a passé, as surprise notes or cards can be handed over at any time of the year. Placing cute cards or surprise notes on the desk of a team member is a nice way to surprise him/her.

     5. Serve a hot cuppa of mocha

Here comes the sweetest one. Nothing can energize an employee than his favourite cup of coffee. So why not serve your employees with their favourite cuppa of mocha during a meeting just to surprise him out of the context.

     6. Remember their birthdays/anniversaries

When you remember their birthdays or anniversaries by surprising them with their favourite flavoured cake, you make a huge impact. Make them feel valued and worth.

     7. Hall of jokes

Put up a chalkboard somewhere around the floor preferably near the entrance, where any person can update it with a witty one-liner or a joke.

     8. Bestow them with some genuine accolades

A sincere job well done or good job compliment goes a long way in making your people realise that their efforts and time spent are being recognised.

Small things can make a big difference when it comes to seeing those smiling faces at your workplace. Employee engagement has become a need of the hour for businesses these days. Nevertheless, make sure that you treat them the way you would love to be treated.

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