7 Advantages of Biometric Attendance System

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Advantages of Biometric Attendance System
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‘Go digital, go paperless’ is the new slogan of today’s world! Then, why your business still has a traditional employee attendance system in place? This is the time to know more about different types of biometric attendance system and its advantages so that you can select the right one which is easy to implement and easy to use.

Top 7 Advantages of biometric attendance system:

  • Store backup data quickly with USB connectivity
  • Designed intelligently to ensure the lowest errors
  • Store and verify a large number of fingerprints
  • Easy to use and track employee attendance
  • Good to maintain a high level of security
  • Ideal for accurate payroll calculations
  • Quick verification of an individual

Below are some of the most commonly used biometric attendance software that companies prefer to use at the workplace:

  • Fingerprint identification

This is the oldest form of biometric attendance system. Companies with a low budget can go for this option. The system automatically adapts to the fingerprint changes and reduce the number of false rejections.

  • Facial Recognition

It involves advanced technology with a foolproof interface to make quick identification. Companies can track hours of their staff in the easiest way. An employee’s identity is confirmed just by staring at the screen, completely ‘hands-free’.

  • Signature verification

This type of biometric attendance system used an employee’s signature to identify an individual. It analyses the movement and pressure of an employee used while doing a digital signature.

  • Voice Recognition

This is a well-known and affordable system for companies with a limited budget. The system works on employee’s voice pattern’s and speaking style. But, avoid misspoken and drastic voice variability!

  • Iris / Retina Recognition

This biometric technology is majorly used in financial and healthcare sectors and government organisations because of its broad margin of security. The system works on pattern recognition techniques and stores employee data for future identification and verification.

Biometric attendance software gives a high level of accuracy and efficiently maintains employee attendance records. Contact Pocket HRMS to book a free demo of our biometric attendance system.


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