4 Reasons HR Deserve A Seat At Your Management Table

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Reasons HR Deserve A Seat At Your Management Table
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When was the last time your managerial team consulted the human resources department to discuss organizational strategy? Chances are that it has been a long time, or hasn’t happened at all in your organization.

Whilst some organizations do prefer to have a seat for the HR at the management or board-of-directors meet-ups, but many are yet to understand the seriousness or importance of making HR a key part of their executive team. Simply put, no business can see the light of the day without an HR department.

Contrary to the common misconception, businesses ought to understand that human resource needs to be an integral part of everyday business procedures. In fact, a well-corroborated management and HR department is a big win for a business. Such a collaboration offshoots positive and constructive results whilst strengthening the bond and trust between the two departments. Most importantly, HR feels valued and heard when offered stakes in the game.

This article is intended to highlight 4 reasons HR deserve a seat at your management table.

  1. Alignment

HR personnel ought to assist in every aspect when it comes to aligning the organization on a cohesive goal. Thus, including the human resource professionals in the goal development stage and keeping them abreast with the roles and responsibilities of each department would help them to better align organizational strategies. Once they are aware of the break-even points for each department, they can provide assistance with training, engagement, and development stages.

  1. Compliance

Compliance errors often result in expensive amendments and it’s no surprise that employee and tax laws undergo rapid changes making it a hassle for businesses to keep up with the pace. It is simply illogical for an HR person to walk up to the CEO to learn about the change in-laws. This is why having an HR manager in your managerial team will help the entire department to stay compliant and mitigate risks.

  1. Development and Growth

HR plays a pivotal role for a company to achieve consistent growth. Human resource professionals look out for and recruit new candidates, train them, and eventually build a talent pool that would drive the business ahead. They are also the ones, who look after the repercussions when esteemed employees quit by having exit interviews to identify root causes of resignation followed by coming up with solutions and strategies to keep employee attrition in check.

  1. Communication

Creative indifference is the most common problem that executive teams exhibit often. However, when leaders are empowered and heard well by their subordinates, they tend to speak out more. Entrepreneurs and CXOs ought to understand that HRs are not there to kick-start a war, pick sides or make things complicated. In fact, human resource personnel is there to instigate harmony and bring employees together. Involving an HR manager in all your strategic meetings will not only help the managerial/executive teams to communicate effectively but also provides the employees with valuable information thus, promoting transparent communication in the organization. Not to forget, having transparency in communication is an excellent way to improve loyalty among your employees.


HR leaders spearhead innovative solutions to tackle growth hurdles that a business encounters by maneuvering organizational changes, talent acquisition strategies, development, and training whilst putting efforts into maintaining positive work culture and experience for the employees. Having them at the management table when brainstorming or discussing long-term business strategies would help them align employees in tandem with the organization’s goals.

Having a dedicated HR leader or manager focusing on these four areas would help executive personnel to work on their strategic goals whilst maintaining a perfect balance with every department in the organization.

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