10 Awesome Diwali Gifts for Employees for a Memorable Occasion

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10 Awesome Diwali Gifts for Employees
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Diwali is the ideal time for showing love, care, and affection towards the important people in our lives. Hence, companies can take this opportunity to show appreciation towards employees and help them understand that their organisation values them.


At Pocket HRMS, we understand the employees’ expectations and the HR department’s limitations. Hence, after extensive research and discussion with multiple employees from various organisations, we have developed a list of the most desirable yet feasible Diwali gifts for employees on this festive occasion to make their Diwali memorable.

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1. Home Appliances

Many companies provide their employee with smaller home appliances such as iron, microwave oven, geysers, induction stoves, etc. Such gifts are practical and provide value to the employees by helping them undertake their daily chores and making their life easier. Additionally, due to the comparatively lower cost of these products, HRs can easily convince the management to choose any appliance as per their budget.


2. Food Baskets

Food baskets containing chocolates and traditional sweets will always be a hit with your employees. Since Diwali symbolises an occasion where people share sweets, having their employer share it with them helps create an added sense of belonging to a family comprised of their employer and colleagues. Such gifts prove popular, especially among the older generation of staff members.


3. Custom-branded Items

Customised gifting accessories have become a craze recently, with multiple companies and individuals opting to personalise their gifts. Companies can easily create custom products using their branding, improving brand reach. The common personalised products include pen drives, key chains, diaries, stationery items, paperweights, writing accessories, etc.


4. Fashion Accessories

Many businesses also opt for gifting fashion accessories such as ties, wallets, watches, handbags, sunglasses, etc., as they are trendy. Additionally, due to the utilitarian nature of these items, it is easier for companies to gift them to anyone, including their employees and vendors.


5. Gift Hamper Combos

Gift hampers are also a popular choice for many companies as you can create an assortment of multiple kinds of products which pleases everyone. You can also create gift hampers using different categories of items such as tech, fashion accessories, chocolates, etc., which would help increase the variety of gifts each employee receives.


6. Premium Gift Vouchers

If you are short on time, gift vouchers are the best option. You can buy corporate gift cards from banking partners or e-commerce giants. Having the option to utilise the gift voucher as per their needs will help the employees appreciate their gift more. Alternatively, you can also provide premium gift vouchers of any specific brand you have already partnered with to offer custom goodies to your staff.


7. Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets are a good gift option if you have younger staff. It can also be a thoughtful gift if you work in the technological or IT sectors. You may provide smaller gadgets such as earphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc. or pamper your employees by gifting smartphones or tablets. Since electronic gadgets would be used daily, they will act as a daily reminder of their company’s care and affection towards them.


8. Subscription Packs

Subscription packs are another thoughtful gift option if you are short on time. Such packs usually provide the employees with a unique benefit. For example, you may offer gym memberships to improve the physical fitness of your staff. Alternatively, you can give premium memberships to common entertainment platforms to let them wind down after a hectic workday.


9. Desktop Accessories

Desktop accessories are a good option if most of your staff use a dedicated desk for accomplishing their tasks. You can send them a single goodie, such as a coffee mug, a stylish paperweight, or anything else that would look good on a desk. You can also choose whether it should be functional or purely a display piece.


10. Grooming Products

Grooming products are a common corporate Diwali gift option. Although it may not be a traditional gift, many companies have joined the trend. It provides the employees with a helpful product they might already be using in their daily lives, such as a hair straightener, beard trimmer, etc.

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Diwali is a time of gifting and showering our near and dear ones with care and affection. A Diwali gift from their employer ensures the employees that their company cares about them and values them. It improves their dedication, loyalty, and trust towards their company. Hence, every company should provide their employees with some form of Diwali gift irrespective of the company’s size and the employee’s designation.

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