You had one job: 10 brutally hilarious job fails

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We all had our share of bad days at work. We tend to make mistakes when at work, probably everyone and if the mistake goes unnoticed, you are one lucky chap to escape the embarrassment. However, not everyone is lucky enough to escape unscathed from these blunders.

What if someone captures these mistakes and put it across the World Wide Web as a laughter dose? So here are 10 brutally hilarious job fails that we came across the Internet. Though these can be dangerous at times, most of the times they end up being hilarious perfect as our laughter dose. So sit back and unwind your stressful day with these funny job fail images.

1. Oh, he meant to say thirst, thirst for coming 1st

2. Enough said!

3. So he fixed it, keep walking!

4. Okay, got it!

5. Coffee, anyone?

6. Close enough!

7. What would you like to have sir…?

8. It’s all about teamwork

9. Didn’t we just say, it’s about team-work?

10. In case of emergency, find the switch!


All thanks to technology and by technology, we mean cameras that help people to capture such utterly hilarious job fails. We just couldn’t refrain ourselves from saying “You had one job.”

So what would you do if you find yourself in such a mocking situation?


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