What does Industry 4.0 revolution means for HR?

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Industry 4.0
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The term Industry 4.0 aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution is defined as the nexus of a number of modern-day automation, manufacturing and data exchange technologies. The entire concept of Industry 4.0 stands on the core principle of simplifying the increasingly complex business processes and ease the lives of employees.


So how would Industry 4.0 reshape HR? The benefits are manifold, but the most pertinent of all is that Industry 4.0 would greatly improve efficiency and productivity across the HR department, which is the backbone of every organisation.


Business process automation to gain good traction

Yes, business process automation is catching up a lot heat these days. For instance, automating leave tracking via attendance management system can significantly minimise the load on HR personnel. Thus, the time saved can be spent on other critical chores resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.


Industry 4.0 calls for a shift in the paradigm from the HRs

Since Industry 4.0 is mostly about automated or self-regulating processes, HR people must buckle up to embrace the budding revolution. Automated HR processes infer that data pertaining to the workforce for employee management would be just a few clicks away. This means error-free and accurate employee data at hand such as leaves, absenteeism, etc.


Furthermore, employee self service portals offered by cloud based HRMS software solutions these days make the lives of both employees as well as HR professionals a lot easier. These portals are smartphone friendly thus, eliminating the traditional clock in/out scenarios followed by automated time tracking of employees resulting in redundant and error-free paychecks.


Industry 4.0 is the next-gen driving force for HR

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is destined to catch up good traction in all industry verticals in the near future. This is the reason why HR personnel ought to brace themselves for restructuring when the time comes. Business process automation and cloud technology is helping businesses gain free space resulting in excellent coordination and engagement between employees and the management.


Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud collectively would be driving a number of key business operations/department and HR is one of them.


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