5 Ways to Restore the Human Touch back in Human Resources

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5 Ways to Restore the Human Touch back in Human Resources

We are living in the era of social media and technology. In fact, technology is everywhere and by everywhere, we mean every nook and corner of the world. Be it interacting with our loved ones or executing key business processes, technology has changed the way we live and work and human resources is clearly not an exception.

Social media, predictive analytics and Big Data are changing the entire game for HR departments these days. It is referred to as strategic HRM. We often come across HR professionals talking “do not recruit from so and so university or campus as trends and stats show that candidates from this university quit early” or “data shows that this employee’s performance has been dormant for quite a time now, maybe it’s time to let him/her go”.

Though having such insightful data is quite handy, it might backfire at times. Thus, requiring you to go with your instincts. So here’s what you can do to restore the lost human touch back in human resources whilst at the same time utilising technology to your benefit:

     1. Communicate, Talk and Understand

No, big data won’t be of much help here. Never forget that you are dealing with real people, not machines. A machine’s value tends to deteriorate over time, but this is not the case with humans, because if a person is provided with the right platform and guidance, he/she can improve in time.

Make sure that you always talk to your employees whilst understanding them. Communication helps to bridge the gap between management and its employees to a great extent.

     2. Listen and Pay Attention to your People

Yes, predictive analytics would need data to help you predict things pertaining to your employees. On the other hand, being a good listener would save the day for you always. This is the reason why management ought to be all ears to its people and their opinions. Your workforce would never achieve their productivity goals unless their opinions are heard.

     3. Avoid being Judgemental

Recruiting via social media is the next big trend for HRs and talent acquisition experts all over. To put it straight, are we presuming that what folks share on their social handles is what they are in reality?” This may not be true for everyone. Social media and technology collectively have helped us in several ways. But you always know a person as she/she steps in the room. So avoid being judgemental at early stage.

     4. Ample Training

Often businesses admit folks into the HRM department without providing them with sufficient and required training. For an HR department to work and perform at its optimum best, businesses ought to train the right people with the right techniques and using the right solution. It’s all about placing the right people at the right position to resolve problems concerning employees within an organisation.

A good way is to keep HRM and administrative departments separate.

     5. Customisation

Remember that one size does not fit all. We live in the era of customisation since everyone has a different penchant. Tech trends keep on changing at warp speed and HR personnel must never ignore this. Today’s workforce consists of a mix of both Gen-Y as well as bloomers and thus, benefits for Gen-Y might not go well with the bloomers.

So to make your organisation appealing to the best talents out there, entrepreneurs and HR leaders ought to understand the diverse aspirations and desires of employees and put to use customised employee management solutions.

So you see it’s no rocket-science when it comes to reinstating the lost human touch in human resources. As today’s market is dominated by millennials, who are pretty transient in nature, it is crucial for HR to make sure that employee management, engagement and benefits are managed astutely without shedding that human touch.

To know how a customised HR management solution can help you restore the lost human touch, contact us now. You can also drop us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com or give us a shout out at Twitter or Facebook.


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