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Pocket HRMS Solution incorporates Small Medium Enterprises for Online Payroll Services


Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jan 20, 2015

Pocket HRMS 3.0 Version is focused on growing the footprint of our business services to meet the needs of startups and Small and Medium Enterprises


What’s New

1. Payroll solution: For Small Medium Enterprises, Pocket HRMS solution is closely attached to human resources solutions, making it a vital requisite for small medium Enterprises as they move from doing transitions from old desktop version to Pocket Payroll’s on-demand business services. Pocket HRMS is available in pre-production to select customers and will be generally available in 2015.

2. Human Resource Management: New capabilities include Online Leave Management, Claims and Attendance.

3. Business Management: Pocket HRMS solution has introduced cloud based Recruitment Management, Training and asset Performance Management Systems. These new solutions are focused on the needs of organizations in the services industries.

4. Integration with ERP: Pocket HRMS solution has stretched the functionality of its Business Management framework, including connections to third-party applications, intended to meet the exclusive and altering needs of customers.


Payroll solution

Pocket HRMS solution delivers complete cloud based payroll processing joined with Pocket’s Human Capital Management and Business Management solutions. This flexible groundwork allows Pocket HRMS to quickly focus payroll for several industries without the expensive redevelopment efforts related with old-fashioned on premise systems. Pocket Payroll also delivers bundled integration to outsourced payroll providers.


Human Resource Management System

New accompaniments to Pocket Human Resource Management System include:

1. Leave Management: Built on the same core calculation engine as Pocket Payroll, Leave Management is fully rules-based and configurable, and leave balances. It also supports leave of absence as well as employee self-service and manager reporting.

2. Approval Management: Pocket HRMS now supports reporting relationships that are usual for small medium companies. Companies and employees can view and report. Managers can be included in human resources and other business processes on day to day transactions.

3. Pocket HRMS solution has completed integration to Sage 300 for payroll module. Pocket HRMS has extended the functionality of its Business Process Framework, with additional configuration options, including links to third-party applications, crafted to meet the exclusive and changing needs of customers.


Business Management Solution

Capabilities in the Pocket Business Management suite now include:

1. Asset Management & Business Management: Pocket human resource solution manages all management and accounting for all physical and intangible resources, such as assets, inventory and licenses.

2. Enhanced reporting: Pocket’s report writer allows three additional ways for individuals and organizations to leverage information stored in Pocket Payroll:


About Pocket HCM Solution

Pocket Human Capital Management and Pocket Business Management use modern, technologies to provide an unparalleled level of liveliness, ease-of-use, and integration capability. For more information about Pocket HRMS, you can write to Pocket HRMS Team at sales@pockethrms.com

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