Pocket HRMS Partners with Repute for Instant Talent Onboarding and Background Verification

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Pocket HRMS Partners with Repute
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Pocket HRMS, an established innovator in the HRMS ecosystem, announced today their partnership with Repute to increase efficiency in their clients’ HR processes. Repute is a unique first-of-its-kind blockchain-based network for instant talent onboarding and background verification.


Pocket HRMS has joined a network of allies who will use Repute to transform how HR operations are undertaken. Repute uses blockchain to connect all HRMS platforms that allow users to seek and receive employment history from anyone on the network within a few minutes.


“Recent shifts in hiring have kept HRs on their toes, and post-offer attrition is at an all-time high. HRs are looking to verify the veracity of candidate profiles before sending out offers and initiating onboarding. Pocket HRMS provides a unique experience for HRs by combining vast access to HR tools with Repute’s background verification (BGV) services in a single platform. Further, we are also digitizing the manual BGV processes with this new integration.”, said Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, Managing Director at Pocket HRMS.


Through the Repute Network, Pocket HRMS users can:

  • Save time required for employee verification from 3-5 days to a few minutes
  • Reduce manual efforts involved in employee verification
  • Instantly verify documents to send offers and onboard candidates, using trusted data sources
  • Request and reciprocate data requests through the encrypted blockchain network.


“Since the pandemic, talent management has become harder, and HR teams’ goals have expanded. Hence, HR software should be agile and have features that aid fast hiring and improve talent experience in a competitive candidate market. The Repute Network will help Pocket HRMS do just that.”, says Deepak Dhar, Founder and CEO of Repute.


The instant BGV services on the Repute Network will be accessible for all Pocket HRMS users as apps on their dashboard, by simply activating the service.


About Pocket HRMS

Established almost two decades ago, Pocket HRMS is a leading HRMS software in India. Its core values are, ensuring the best in customer service, cost-effectiveness, and robust module offerings. The latest update has incorporated an improved AI-based attendance system and an AI chatbot – smHRty, that can interact with employees to apply leaves, answer queries, and more. Additionally, Pocket HRMS offers HRs a unique global look at their database with smHRt searcHR, a unique implementation of its kind in the HR domain.


About Repute

Repute is a blockchain-based network where recruiters and benefits providers can access verified identity and employment data of employees swiftly and securely – with the prior consent of the employees themselves. Repute’s apps are designed to smoothen the hiring and onboarding process and significantly improve the employee experience. The company’s mission is to build an ecosystem where trust is data-driven, everyone can build a persistent reputation, being good is rewarded, and each association is ultimately rewarding.


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Pribhat Singh Sharma


Product Manager

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