Pocket HRMS collaborated with Plum for streamlined health insurance and wellness benefits

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Pocket HRMS partners with Plum
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Pocket HRMS, India’s only ‘smHRt’ Payroll & HR Software has partnered with Plum Insurance, India’s leading employee health Insure Tech platform, that is revolutionising the way corporations think of employee insurance and wellness benefits. With simplified plans and easy claims, Plum is a fully digital customizable group insurance solution for modern businesses.


If any company using Pocket HRMS wishes to activate this partnership and use Plum as their insurance provider, they can enable it by simply activating the integration from the Marketplace with starting introductory price of Just Rs. 99/-* Per Employee Per Month for Health Insurance Coverage of Rs. 2 Lacs


“Pocket HRMS has always been about providing the best Human experience for the HR teams and employees. Hence, we are proud to partner with Plum, a digital-first insurance provider that thinks in a similar vein. Both, Pocket HRMS and Plum, have the common goal of making corporate life simpler for the administration and the staff. That is why we constantly come up with innovative products and simplified integrations like this one!” noted Mr. Jitendra Somani, Co-Founder of Pocket HRMS.


Benefits of the Partnership

  • Customised employee benefits plan with comprehensive coverage
  • Exclusive discounts on health benefits to Pocket HRMS customers
  • Free access to Plum’s platform for HR/Founders and employees
  • 24×7 emergency claims support over WhatsApp/App/Call


“As platforms, both Pocket HRMS and Plum, intend to help businesses be more effective, while our software takes over specific tasks like HR management and insurance. Choosing Plum as a partner was obvious, as our endeavours match,”


– Mr. Jitendra Somani, Co-Founder of Pocket HRMS.


“We understand that the modern CHRO or HR partner in any organisation is pressed for time and it is our goal to simplify any cumbersome process through our platform. Further, the conversation around insurance and benefits is a non-negotiable for any company that wants to be an employer of choice. Hence, partnering with Pocket HRMS not only helps us cover more lives, but also ensures that no one is bereft of the best benefits suite that a company can offer,”


 – Abhishek Poddar, Cofounder and CEO of Plum.


Pocket HRMS has embarked on a journey to join hands with strategic partners to fulfil their vision of ‘Digital Bharat 2.0’. Partnering with Plum has helped them move a step ahead in their journey to utilise modern technologies and advanced algorithms for streamlined employee care. They have been successfully applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition, AI-based chatbots, and other advanced technologies, in their pursuit to streamline HR operations. Being a cloud-based software provider, Pocket HRMS caters to a wide range of companies ranging from start-ups to SMBs to MNCs. The scalability, flexibility, customizability, and security offered by the software are unparalleled in the Indian HR technology domain.


About Pocket HRMS

Established almost two decades ago, Pocket HRMS is a leading HRMS software in India. Its core values are, ensuring the best in customer service, cost-effectiveness, and robust module offerings. The latest update has incorporated an improved AI-based attendance system and an AI chatbot – smHRty, that can interact with employees to apply for leaves, answer queries, and more. Additionally, Pocket HRMS offers HRs a unique global look at their database with smHRt searcHR, a unique implementation of its kind in the HR domain.


About Plum

Plum is an employee health insurance platform that provides health benefits to corporations. The company is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of health insurance in India by making employee health insurance accessible, affordable, and usable for employees. Recently, Plum received certifications from ISO/IEC 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type 2, and GDPR compliance. It is re-imagining the health insurance stack and accelerating the penetration of health insurance in India to 100%. Plum aims to reach a milestone of 10 million lives insured by 2025. Plum is backed by Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital.


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www.pockethrms.com | sales@pockethrms.com | 022 6768 7872

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