Pocket HRMS Partners with ClearTax for Seamless filing of Income Tax

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Pocket HRMS Partners with ClearTax
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In a series of continuous major partnership streaks, Pocket HRMS has announced the launch of their integrated partnership with ClearTax, India’s leading tax filing platform. The employee-centric integration offers the comfortable option of filing income tax returns directly from the employee self-service portal.


The integration is currently being offered via their in-house marketplace, available exclusively to their clients. The marketplace currently offers multiple integrations with leading companies across income tax, finance, accounts, rewards & recognition, and more categories. To enable this integration for their company’s self-service portal, HR managers can toggle it from the marketplace page in a single click. They can also view its ratings & screenshots from the same page.


“Being the curators of the only smHRt HRMS in the world, we have been working diligently towards innovation that helps transform manual payroll processes into a smart, automated error-free activity. Over the years, we have continuously been the leading payroll software choice of HR professionals, and with this integration, we aim to empower our client’s employees to be independent with their tax filing needs.”, said Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, Managing Director of Pocket HRMS.


The integration will enable HR professionals and their employees with:

  • Direct Income Tax Returns Filing from the ESS portal
  • Powerful integration between the payroll software and ClearTax
  • Independent employee-led activity toward financial wellness
  • Automation of manually looking up required tax-related information
  • Option to stream the tax details from the payroll software
  • Manual upload feature for accurate tax worksheet from employee profile


This move comes at an opportune time when most HR professionals are overwhelmed with income tax filing queries by their employees. Pocket HRMS aims to help alleviate their burden in this segment by automating tax filing by integrating with ClearTax.


The process can be completed with a few clicks and is created to enhance the overall employee experience. Income Tax is closely related to payroll, and Pocket HRMS aims to launch more integrations to simplify this process further.


About Pocket HRMS

Established almost two decades ago, Pocket HRMS is a leading HRMS software in India. Its core values are, ensuring the best in customer service, cost-effectiveness, and powerful module offerings. The latest update has incorporated an improved AI-based attendance system and an AI chatbot – smHRty, that can interact with employees to apply leaves, answer queries, and more. Additionally, Pocket HRMS offers HRs a unique global look at their database with smHRt searcHR, one of the first implementations of its kind in the HR domain.


To learn more, contact us:

www.pockethrms.com | sales@pockethrms.com | 022 6768 7872


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Pribhat Singh Sharma


Product Manager

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