Pocket HRMS Offers Free 3-Month HRMS Software Subscription for Healthcare Industry

HRMS Software Subscription for Healthcare Industry
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As the whole healthcare industry is working day and night to handle the coronavirus pandemic, managing multiple shifts and payroll on a large scale can become cumbersome. To salute their hard work, Pocket HRMS is offering a free 3-month subscription for the healthcare industry viz. hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and diagnostic centers with 10 to 500 employee base. With this offer we aim to express our gratitude for all the real front-line heroes who are fighting for our safety in this ‘COVID-19 outbreak’. We hope that Pocket HRMS can aid in boosting morale and ease the burden of HR and payroll work.

Our commitment to aid healthcare industry in facing the increasing challenges is bolstered by these features:

  • Payroll automation with centralized HR database: We want to empower teams of doctors, nurses, and volunteers to focus their efforts on critical tasks during this critical phase, without worrying about their shifts and salaries. While the healthcare industry is pushing their boundaries by putting in extra hours, their HR team can leave the mundane processes like payroll to HRMS automation.
  • Training and Certifications Management: The ever-growing Healthcare sector can provide as well as keep a track of trainings and certifications given to nurses, volunteers, and interns. This will help keep them updated with the latest information about precautions, tips, or anything else that might be the need of the hour.
  • Single point-of-contact: Share information across doctors, nurses, volunteers, caregivers and even patients from a single secure database.
  • Multiple shifts and Overtime management: With increasing efforts put in by medical staff and support, it can be hectic to keep track of shifts and overtime. Pocket HRMS can easily process salaries accurately by considering their shifts and overtime. HR managers can frame noteworthy records of their staff without any paperwork.
  • Non-biometric attendance: Easily manageable punch system allows you to be reachable whether you are at the hospital, clinic, or out on field collecting samples or conducting important tests. We are striving to help free up valuable time for the healthcare industry that can be efficiently utilized to continue the good fight.

During this challenging time, we would like to extend our full support to the healthcare industry. Further, we have increased our software capabilities to match the growing need for centralized HRMS software and are working tirelessly to ensure you get the best. To get started, you can send us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com and subscribe your hospital for free 3-month usage of Pocket HRMS system!

Stay Strong! Stay Safe!


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