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Workforce Vaccination
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1st May 2021, Mumbai, India:

The recent opening of vaccination for anyone above 18yrs of age has provided much-needed relief to the working populace. Many private organizations in India have already announced comprehensive employee vaccination programs.

With universal immunization becoming a reality, many employees are registering on the CoWin platform to get vaccinated quickly and get back to the office. Employee vaccination certificates and records will become part of a new set of HR documents where HR teams will face a new challenge regarding their workforce’s vaccination status.

This could become as important as identity proof for future digital vaccination passports as and when they are introduced.

Pocket HRMS has launched the workforce vaccination records management where organization leaders and managers would be able to stay updated with the vaccination details of their employees using customizable dashboards, lists, and reports.

Highlights of Employee Vaccination Management:

Vaccination Status:

Quick storage of employee profile documents that include vaccination status of the employee and their family vaccination status.

More power to employees:

Employees can provide consent and voluntarily update their vaccination certificates through the Employee Self-Service portal. These records will become an integral part of employee HR records and documents.

Optionally, employees can also upload their family vaccination certificates on the portal for organizations offering immunization drives to immediate and dependent family members.

Real-time updates:

HR teams can view detailed dashboards and charts anytime. Vaccination summary data can be further sliced and diced to get vaccination details by Location, Department, Team, Age group, or related parameters.

“Pocket HRMS has been the cornerstone of anticipating and solving HR problems with effective technology tools. Introduction of our new employee vaccination HR records management feature will help HR teams to plan ahead and increase company productivity.”, said Mr. Kumar Siddhartha (MD, Pocket HRMS).

“The feedback from early adopters of this feature’s beta version has been unanimously positive. HR teams across the country can now get a real-time overview of the vaccination status of their employees right from their dashboards. We are continuously listening to our clients and hope to help more HR teams in the coming days.”, he added.

This will enable many possibilities for HR Teams such as:

Systematic Roster Management:

HR teams can accurately plan employee rosters in advance after knowing the vaccination status of the employees.

Field Service and customer-facing employees:

There is a possibility of vaccination becoming mandatory for customer-facing sectors such as Bank and Delivery logistics. In such a scenario, HR teams would be fully prepared to overcome this seemingly impossible hurdle of knowing the vaccination status with this records management feature.

Focused Employee wellness:

Organizations that would like to offer vaccinations to their employees can easily do so when they have their employee’s vaccination information.

Gain Insights:

Swiftly get valuable real-time insights on your workforce’s health with a dedicated dashboard and generate reports for analyzing.

Stay Compliant:

Seamlessly stay compliant for current and future compliance norms which might include mandatory vaccination record management.

Pocket HRMS will keep playing a pivotal role in providing cutting-edge HR technology to HR teams, Management, and Employees alike.

Source- PR Newswire

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