Pocket HRMS integrates WhatsApp for Employee Communication

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WhatsApp for Employee Communication
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In a first of its kind, Pocket HRMS integrates WhatsApp for employee communication. Pocket HRMS has always worked towards bringing technology and convenience together to provide the users with all processes on one platform for their HR needs. Pocket HRMS has always been finding ways to evolve and integrate newer technologies in its product and as a result of the same, Pocket HRMS takes great pride in becoming the first ever HRMS software in India to integrate WhatsApp for driving employee communication.

WhatsApp is the most installed and used messaging app on smartphones, used by all age groups and is easy to use and operate. Pocket HRMS is the first among its counterparts to have a direct integration with WhatsApp in an attempt to drive employee communication and connect workplaces.

Mr. Jitendra Somani, CEO for Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd. said, “SMS integration is dying a slow death and when you get notifications and communications from other commercial establishments, important updates would be buried in it with no way of searching unless you dive in it. Being integrated with WhatsApp, we make sure that all the updates you get from HR are easy to find and will not be lost in the other messages. As our commitment to excellence and innovation, we take great pride in extending this unprecedented integration after rolling-out ‘smHRty’, our friendly AI-powered HR chatbot. Employees can receive instant messages pertaining to pay slips, HR policies, reminders, company news/events, and employment details, leave information, etc.”

With the help of this integration, HR can be sure that everyone has received communication. Right from sales reps to back end employees, it is quite common to see people working through their smartphones, which is why this integration comes as an attractive option for the employees. “Launch of WhatsApp integration with Pocket HRMS is in line with our goal of providing the best-in-class experience to all our customers whilst building a robust digital platform,” concluded Mr. Somani.

About Pocket HRMS:

Pocket HRMS is a fully scalable HR solution and aims to bring a change in the working dynamics of the HR department. This HRMS Solution takes HR many steps ahead by introducing revolutionary features like Automated Chatbot, Interactive Dashboards, Mobility, customizable modules, etc. Real-time updates, instant report generation, automation, etc. are few things that today’s HR crave for and Pocket HRMS sits quite well here. Hosted on the cloud, Pocket HRMS is the perfect pick-me-up HCM software for businesses of all sizes and verticals.

Sage Software Solutions is a distributor of Sage Asia Pte Ltd in India for its ERP and CRM business solutions through partners and offices across India. For HRMS and Payroll, it is an exclusive distributor of Pocket HRMS in India.

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