Pocket HRMS: The Perfect HR and Payroll Solution for SMEs

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A business to stay ahead of its competitors ought to have a dedicated workforce and this includes a well organised and a streamlined HR department. This calls for embracing latest technologies and tools to survive in the cutthroat business environment.


One such excellent technologies that is making a lot since the last few years is cloud technology, which has changed the mainstream and mundane ways of doing business today. As we know that India is quick turning out to be the land of start-ups and SMEs, it is time to embrace cloud technology.


Nevertheless, often small businesses and start-ups are deprived of automated enterprise management solutions thus, leading to inefficiencies and failure. For instance, all the HR operations in a small business are often executed manually. This includes payroll, leave and attendance management, recruitment, taxes, etc. Cloud based HR software helps bid farewell to manual HR chores and paves way for an automated and intelligent payroll management system.


Pocket HRMS is one such cloud based payroll software designed meticulously to suit the specific needs and requirements of start-ups and SMBS. It is pocket-friendly, easy to implement and use, flexible and mobile.


Check out a few highlights of Pocket HRMS.


This cloud based HR software works great across a number of devices, platforms, operating systems and time zones. It empowers HR personnel of a small business to access crucial employee and payroll related data on the go using a handheld device. Most importantly, it shuns the cumbersome documentation, paperwork and spreadsheets management, which is a staple of manual HR and payroll management.


Employee Self Service portal:

Here comes the most amazing part of Pocket HRMS software i.e., employee self service portal, which allows employees to access, update and modify their personal details on the go as well as apply for leaves, check leave balance, tax details, etc. without bothering the HR personnel saving them a lot of time and efforts. Empowered workforce is one of the most crucial and key aspects for a small business to emerge successful.


Easy to Implement:

Implementation is no rocket-science with Pocket HRMS, since everything is executed from the vendor’s end from cloud servers. Thus, saving the businesses from on-premise implementation hassles, cost and other maintenance and IT related overheads. System upgrades and updates are automatically executed from cloud servers saving your IT personnel from the hassles of doing the same.


Secured Database:

Owners of start-ups and SMBs often hesitate when it comes to hosting their business data on cloud due to security concerns. However, this is not the case with cloud based payroll solution, since the data is stored on best-in-class cloud servers. Therefore, putting to rest all your concerns pertaining to data security.


To learn more about how a cloud based payroll software can manage all your HR and payroll operations whilst sticking to the budget, contact us now. You can also write to us at sales@pockethrms.com


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