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Spend less and serve your customers better with an intuitive payroll for restaurants. Here’s how…

The restaurant is all about making people satisfied and make them coming back to you. Nevertheless, like every other business, it all boils down to your employees, and the restaurant business is no exception. This calls for effective employee management to ensure that your staff stays content. This is because employees are the only ones, who would greet, meet, and interact with your customers.

Today, there are several tech-whiz solutions available to help a restaurant business with human resources and payroll management.

So what can be the best solution for a hotel business for efficient payroll and human capital management?

This is where Pocket HRMS chips in as the perfect rescuer. Yes, leave your payroll chores to Pocket HRMS payroll solution, which is fully cloud-based and automated payroll software.

Recipe for efficient HR management for hotels is here!

Right from wages and tip calculations, Pocket HRMS makes it very easy to manage them all with ease and grace. Restaurant managers and owners can focus on other aspects of customer service while Pocket HRMS takes care of the entire payroll process besides handling tax calculations and other related things reducing your administration time substantially. Most importantly, it helps to bid farewell to those irritating payroll redundancies and inconsistencies.

With Pocket HRMS, you get:

1. Shortfall reports

Notifies the HR if an employee’s wages on a particular payroll doesn’t cover the amount owed for taxes and/or deductions, which in turn protects the business financially.

2. Minimum Wage alerts

Notifies the HR personnel when an employee’s wages and/or tips do not reach the minimum wage requirements, providing you with helpful tips-to-minimum verification to keep you compliant.

3. Tip Sign-Off report

Provides written proof of employees’ tips received and declared, keeping you in compliance with government regulations.

4. Save hours

No need to spend hours calculating payroll and compliances. Automated payroll software makes every process seamless and easy.

5. Compliance management

Easy to keep up with the changing tax regulations and reforms makes payroll processing an error-free activity for human resources.

6. Online data access

The cloud-based payroll for restaurant helps HR work on the go. Easy data access from anywhere promotes flexibility at the base. Scalability and flexibility, thus, create a positive work culture at the organization.

So these are only a few benefits that a restaurant business gets with Pocket HRMS. To learn more about how our cloud-based Pocket HRMS can revive payroll management for your restaurant business, contact us now.

You can also shoot us an email at sales@pockethrms.com


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