Office Cafeteria Etiquettes: Do’s and Don’ts!

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Office Cafeteria Etiquettes
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If there is one place in office that witnesses more energy than meeting rooms, work desks or cubicles, it has to be the office pantry or kitchen area. Yes, pantry is that place we all love as well as hate.


It is the office cafeteria that provides us with solace during those coffee breaks. Since everyone in the office visits the pantry area at least once in a day, there are some unsaid cafeteria rules or rather we should say office cafeteria etiquettes that everyone needs to abide by.


Here are few basic office cafeteria rules that you ought to follow and yes, eating at desk is still a strict no-no:


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▸ Make way for your colleagues, don’t stand in the way!


▸ Keep spoons clean and in place


▸ DO NOT put your spoon in the sugar pot after stirring your coffee with it!


▸ Label your foods and Mugs


▸ Do not use someone else’s mug!


▸ Do not take up loads of time for microwaving your food


▸ Keep pantry clean. 


▸ Avoid microwaving food with strong odours.


▸ Clean after yourself


▸ Do not leave the pantry while your food is in the microwave


▸ Keep stale food in a plastic bag before discarding it to avoid foul smell!


▸ Clean your dishes and spoons.


▸ Do not take supplies home.


▸ Refrain visiting the pantry if you have cold or running nose.


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