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Interview assignments are an integral part of contemporary interviews. They help the recruiters with brilliant insights as to the thinking pattern of candidates and understand their aptitude for working. On the other hand, it is a great avenue for the candidate to showcase their skill set as well as stand out from the crowd.


Since the assignment helps the interviewer understand the candidate’s problem solving and analytical skills better, it is used by recruiters whenever a technical position is being filled. Irrespective of how the candidate fares during the interview, the recruiter might still go ahead and hire a poorly performing candidate solely due to the fact that they were able to complete the assignment on time and were able to explain it well.



Importance of The Assignment

Interview and interview questions are an essential part of any recruitment process. However, what really helps the recruiter narrow down their search is the assignments and the way they are completed. If you are a candidate applying for any position where analytical skills and problem-solving is involved, then you can be sure that you will be asked to complete some form of assignment by the recruiter. Nowadays, even positions requiring creative thinking also requires the candidates to fulfil some assignments for their interview.


The assignments help the HRs understand the thinking pattern of candidates. It also gives them a good overview of their abilities. This helps them weed out others who might not be suited for the vacant position. The way the candidate approaches the problem at hand also helps in understanding whether they would enjoy the daily challenges of their job while they work in the company. Hence, based on how they complete the assignment, the HRs can make a sound decision.


On the other end, the candidates themselves can benefit from the assignments given by their recruiters. It provides a window for them to understand the kind of challenges they might face while undertaking their daily duties. It is also a chance for them to showcase their talents and abilities in a practical situation and hence, it would also help those candidates who might be a bit reserved.



Why is an Assignment requested by The Hiring Manager?

As we have established, the interview assignment and the way it is completed helps HR understand various kinds of parameters and abilities of candidates. However, there are other reasons too where the recruiter might request the candidate to complete some assignment for their interview.


One common example is to verify whether the aptitude and qualifications mentioned in the resume are legitimate. A candidate might have the necessary qualifications, yet, may not be capable enough to face the daily challenges while working in the company. Hence, providing them with a challenge will expose them to the daily work which would help them make the right choice.


If you are being asked to submit an assignment towards the end of a hiring process, you can be almost sure that you have stiff competition and you are being asked to complete the assignment by the recruiter to help them decide between you and your competition. In this case, it is vital that you understand what the company is looking for and tweak your assignment accordingly to increase your chances of being placed.



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Interview Assignment Email Checklist

Before furnishing your candidate with the assignment email, kindly check whether the following pointers are covered and conveyed clearly:


1. The expected outcome

2. The deadline to submit the assignment

3. Contact information for resolving any doubts related to the assignment

5. The exact timeline of the assignment

6. The instructions for submitting the assignment



The Interview Assignment Template


Email Subject Line: Assignment for the position of [Job title]


Dear [Candidate Name]


Thank you once again for applying for the role of [Job title]. As part of our hiring process, we have decided to send assignments to talented candidates such as yourself!


In the attachment, you will find the assignment along with detailed instructions about completing and submitting it. Kindly read and follow the instructions in order to complete it successfully.


I wish you to understand that there are no right or wrong answers in this assignment. It mostly consists of situations relevant to the position being offered, and we want to evaluate your behaviour when facing situations like that during the course of your work here.


Kindly note that the due date to return the assignment is [Due Date].


If you have any questions or doubts about your assignment, make sure you contact me here. Wishing you the very best with the assignment, and I am looking forward to reading your insights.


[Your name]


[Email Signature]



Reply To Job Application Acknowledgement Template | Pocket HRMS



Template for informing Candidates about the receipt of Assignment


Dear [Candidate Name],


Thank you for completing and sending over the assignment within the defined timeframe. I hope you have followed all the instructions of this assignment.


Our team will review and evaluate the answers to your assignment. Once it is done, we will get back to you with detailed feedback and any further information we may have. I hope your insights help us understand you better and moves you forward with the hiring process.


Wishing you a good day, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any doubts you may have!


[Your name]





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