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Nowadays finding the apt candidate for a certain job role has become a hard task. And thus when the employer finally finds one, they don’t want to lose them to another company, especially due to minor reasons such as a delayed offer letter.


Many times when a company wants to recruit a candidate right on the spot, or within less time, drafting a formal offer letter can become a problem since it takes a while to get drafted. In such cases, the company can provide the candidate with an informal offer letter, covering the basics of the job role, company, etc.



What Is An Informal Offer Letter?

An informal offer job letter is a document which a company sends to its new candidate offering a particular position or job role. An informal offer letter is an official, yet brief and overview version of the actual formal offer letter.



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Importance Of Informal Offer Letter

This offer letter is a written, official confirmation that the particular position has been offered to the candidate. It consists of the terms and conditions that the employer has finalized with the candidate, usually during the interview process’ last round.


Being informed about the role and the job and position requirements is essential for both, the employer as well as the new employee, to kick-start a positive and healthy relationship.



How To Use an Informal Email Template?

It is important to get the right informal offer letter drafted, approved by both parties. Even if one grey area turns up, the next processes can become nerve-racking.


Sending an informal offer letter is the essence of the time, especially for employers. Even a slight delay and they can end up losing the perfect candidate to another company. It is also important to include the necessary information in the informal offer letter email template such as-


  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Date Of Joining
  • Job Description
  • Reporting Manager
  • Company’s Rules & Regulations


Below we have drafted a sample of the informal offer letter, have a look-



Informal Sample Offer Letter

Dear [Candidate First Name],


We are very happy to offer you the position of [Job Title] in our company, [Company Name]. We believe that your skills and experience will be valuable assets to our company. You can enjoy all the standard benefits according to the company’s policies.


The basic salary will be [Amount] credited as monthly installments. You can enjoy [Number of Days] for sick leave as part of the package. There will be support for medical and dental health along with health insurance. [Mention any other benefits here].


You simply need to sign and date this offer letter and reply to this email and we will consider that as acceptance from you! We would love to see you in our office!


If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me on [email] or call me on [Phone Number]. I would love to clear your doubts and queries.



[Your Name]

[Email Signature]


Date: [Date]

Applicant Signature:

Applicant Name: [Candidate Name]

Date of offer acceptance by the candidate:



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