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The Human resource management world is under siege. As a matter of fact, technology is driving the HR landscape by leaps and bounds transforming the conventional practices of human resource management. And, the tech wave doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Right from recruitment to on-boarding and payroll to employee training, everything is being simplified by a pool of novel and cutting-edge solutions.


There are tons of technologies driving key human resource management functions such as talent management solutions, performance appraisal software, staffing & payroll solutions, etc. This article intends to help you go about the entire HR technology landscape.



     1. Selecting the right technology

As one can see a gigantic pool of cloud based HRMS solutions, the decision-making process turns tricky. For a small enterprise, a budget-friendly system for employee management might do the trick, but a bigger enterprise on the other hand might require an all-inclusive HCM software suite.


So how to find out what HR tech is best suited for your business? How to cut through the crap when looking for the best cloud based HRMS solution?


This requires doing some intensive research to identify software requirements. In fact, the process to gathering software requirements has become an integral part in many companies of all sizes these days. This becomes extremely important if a business is planning for a total HRMS overhaul. Time to get in all your CTOs, CIOs and IT head for a meet-up.



     2. What’s with the all the vendor claims?

There are plentiful of HR software vendors out there claiming to be the best, whereas the fact is that these technologies often accompany a nexus of modules or features that can offer real value to your HR department.


Obviously, it’s a challenging feat to wade through all the possible solutions on the platter. Thus, it is imperative to identify the best fit per your requisites and preferences. For instance, if your HR department is struggling to keep up with the timesheets amidst the growing headcount and expanding business, you should opt for a cloud based payroll software with excellent timesheet management system.



     3. Good days are here for HR

With all the recent technological advancements, the HR is in for some exciting future. Yes, HR leaders and managers won’t have to rely on their gut feelings, as they can enjoy insightful analytics and metrics to help make data-driven and sound decisions.




These solutions are all part of the new and automated family of HR software that assist businesses in automating the complex process of human resource management enabling business and HR leaders to focus on other core operations.


Pocket HRMS is a leading cloud based HRMS solution that has been fundamentally altering the course of human capital management for a number of businesses across India.


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Disclaimer: All the information, views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and their respective web sources and in no way reflect the principles, views or objectives of Pocket HRMS.

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